tvN Responds To Reports Of “Arthdal Chronicles” Getting A Second Seasons


tvN finally addresses fans’ wishes and concerns!

“Arthdal Chronicles” aired its final episode last night on September 22. However, the ending left fans wanting more. It was hardly a finished drama because it felt like the production was hinting at a second season.

A source from the drama told news outlets on September 23 that “Arthdal Chronicles” was originally planned out as a drama with many seasons,

“The staff would love to move forward with a second season. The end clips in episode 18 reflect that.”

However, the source also stated that a second season is not only possible with the desire of the staff and that there must be support from the viewers, they ended their statement with promising to look for ways to make a final decision soon,

“We will do our best so that we can carry on with a second season.”

Would you like to see a second season from “Arthdal Chronicles”?

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My Personal Thoughts

Finally, it all makes sense. I have read elsewhere that the drama was originally signed to be multiple seasons. Now, I can finally tie a couple of things together. First of all, why so many scenes felt unnecessary like the back-stories of a lot of characters and the slow pacing. They wanted to create a world and expand on it in further seasons.

I believe that they did it this way because they were almost certain the drama would be a hit. It was Song Joong Ki’s return to the small screen after his immensely popular drama. They also cast other amazing actors with great reputation, with an interesting story and actors; they really thought they had it in the bag. Then the ratings numbers came in and ruined the mood.

The budget was; I think; around $40 million if not more, this is why they didn’t confirm the second season right away. I have read a couple of articles that suggest tvN lost money with “Arthdal Chronicles.” The ratings were always ok but never enough to surpass expectations and break even.

Who would want to fund a project that scores such lackluster ratings? It’s a huge gamble and its unknown if it’ll pay off eventually. This is why the source phrased their statement like that.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that “Arthdal Chronicles” sucked or was bad but what matters was that it wasn’t received as well as it should have been.

Also, we have to consider just how busy the cast is, will they be able to return to the difficult filming for a second season? Will they even be available?

The main cast is extremely popular and hella busy, I don’t know if they’ll be able to pull it off.

I know “Arthdal Chronicles” has amassed a good following that would love a second season but we’ll have to wait and see if it’ll happen.


  1. Please we need season 2…i think it’s not yet done we want more.
    This is amazing creation cast was good and outstanding we definitely want more…please continue to do this kind of drama…may god bless all the production team and the cast who did the excellent jon
    More power.

  2. It is a very good drama, I really enjoyed it and it deserves a second season. This final season was not an end to the story at all. I totally recommend this drama, great cast, well played, complex plot.
    Thumbs up for a second season!

    • Yes pls netflix hear us out! It may not have had high ratings in korea but international audience on netflix want more please we beg of you!!!

      It was such a great story with amazing acting from everyone! Would be such a shame to not fulfill the whole story.

  3. As rightly said its a gamble, this is really an epic again these some corporate bull shit is happening behind.
    After the series LOST this is one of a kind having very good story line, dialog screen play, it deserve to go for multiple seasons.
    Those stupid zombie series were going upto 10 seasons this deserve lot better

  4. I was a big follower and fan of GOT. I was looking for something to fill that gap although there were similarities once I watched AC It fufiled that gap and more one of the best series I have ever seen, if you were too peel every layer of Intricacies of the storyline its absolutely sublime and enlightening too the point of simple but truthful messages of human nature and mankind . I’m not sure why Koreans wouldn’t support it more, It’s like their own epic series like lord of the rings, GOT etc. I know the rest of the world that have seen it loves it I just hope in my life time they might get a chance to bring Arthdal Chronicles up to fufil its prophecy of true enlightenment. What a blessing it has been to watch it thus far.

    All the best to the the creators and teams to get enough support to return Eusome as Aramun and inaishingi to be riding Kanemaru with his sword and defeating Tagon what a dream.

    Much luv TBR

  5. hey tvn! just because the show didnt boom right away doesnt mean it wouldnt ever! make season 2 happen and we will support this! we will make ratings high! ARTHDAL CHRONICLES IS MUCH MORE BETTER THAN ANY OTHER SERIES YOU HAVE MADE!


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