It’s been revealed that rapper Don Mills tried to evade his military service!

According to an exclusive report by the Chosun Ilbo, Don Mills intentionally gained weight of 116 kg (255 lbs) in order to avoid serving as an active duty solider.

Don Mills was even prosecuted last May and received a 1-year sentence suspended to 2 years of probation. If he violates the conditions of his probation, he will serve 1 year in jail. He’s been trying to delay his military service since 2013.

The report goes on to detail his attempts to gain weight; he increased his calorie intake and took protein supplements. He tried to use the law that states high BMI allows citizens to avoid military service and instead serve in public institutions as public service member, which is a lot less intense than the usual route.

Despite his attempts, he enlisted last October anyways.

He debuted in 2013 and has since appeared on the hit show “Produce 101” as a rap mentor and “Show Me the Money 777” as a contestant. He made a name for himself in the rap community.

After the report went viral, the court released a statement about Don Mills. The court states that he ‘tried to damage his body or tried to deceive with the purpose of being exempt from military service.’

His sentence was reduced to probation because the court took into consideration that he’s a first-time offender, reflecting and committed to serving the military.

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