This Oh My Girl Member Performed On Stage Extremely Exhausted Barely Able To Stand On Her Feet

Girl group Oh My Girl is making headlines!

A video of Oh My Girl Jiho performing on stage is going viral among all Kpop fans. Jiho can be seen hardly able to perform on her two feet, she tries to stand up over and over again but appears to be extremely exhausted and weak.

She kept trying to lift herself up while performing but was unable to, fans could hear her heavy breathing through the mic; her fellow members had noticed and tried to be there beside her in case she fell down or collapsed. Luckily, one staff turned off the music and other staff members escorted Jiho off stage.

Oh My Girl fans saw this and as you’d expect were less than impressed with the agency treatment of the girls. They began trending various hashtags in Korean to get WM Entertainment’s attention. One of the hashtags they trended was #wm_콘서트_취소해 which means (wm_cancel_the_concert). Fans want the agency to halt the girls schedule for now and focus on their rest.

Fans are not only worried about Jiho but the rest of Oh My Girl members as well.

Here are some of their tweets:

Check out the viral video:

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What do you think of the situation?

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