Super Junior Donghae Publicly Calls Out Sasaengs, Asks Them To STOP Calling Him

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Super Junior Donghae is struggling with sasaeng intrusive behavior!

On September 20, Donghae took to instagram story to ask fans to stop calling his number.

It appears that his number got leaked somehow and a bunch of international ‘fan’s got a hold of it; he’s been getting nonstop phone calls from them.

He shared a video to his insta-story and captioned,

“Plz stop calling me. Help me, I am sorry.”

The video showed him scrolling over his recent phone calls, showing just how many international calls he’s been receiving.

He’s not the first idol to publicly call out sasaeng (obsessive so-called fans) aggressive invasive behavior. Previously, Chaneyeol, Ailee, Taeyeon and many many other idols publicly asked such type of fans to stop invading their privacy.

Donghae also recently indirectly pointed at this, in his recent YouTube live, one fan asked him for his number, he replied with English,

“Ask your friends, your friends already know my number.”

What do you think of this situation?

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