Song Hye Kyo Whereabouts After Divorce, Back To School?

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Is Song Hye Kyo taking an art course?

It was recently reported by Apple Daily, a news outlet based in Hong Kong, that Song Hye Kyo was attending an art school in New York. She had stayed in New York after attending its fashion week and decided to stay and registered for a short-term course.

She had previously flew New York to attend New York Fashion Week on September 7.

After the report made its way to South Korea, many were curious about Song Hye Kyo whereabouts and if she’s really taking an art course. Her agency was contacted for a statement regarding this report.

A source from Song Hye Kyo’s agency UAA told news outlets that it’s not possible to confirm these details since they’re about her private life.

Song Hye Kyo has focused on overseas scheduled activities since the announcement of her divorce with Song Joong Ki. She was spotted in various places around the globe attending fashion events and events as the ambassador of famous brands.

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  1. If ever true so, let her do what she opted to do give her space let her be happy, respect her as individual even actresses are entitled to some privacy, after all she desrved all wonderful things coz she is kind and generous..

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