SM Entertainment Announces Its Plan To Debut A New Girl And Boy Group In 2020

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Looks like SM family will grow even bigger by 2020!

Recently, SM Entertainment’s co-CEO, Kim Young Min sat down for an interview with The Korea Economic Daily to discuss various topics around the agency, its plans for the rest of 2019 as well as 2020.

The interview went over many topics such as Lee Soo Man’s controversial personal company Like Planning, and the affiliated businesses that are running at a loss.

Some of the more interesting aspects of the interview will be highlighted in this article. Please note that its not a translation of the entire interview.

The reporter noted that SM’s second quarter sales had not lived up to expectations and asked about SM’s plans for the end of 2019 and 2020.

Kim Young Min stated that SM projects will mostly be centered around second half of 2019, while acknowledging the dip in sales in the second quarter, he added that they sold 1.27 million albums in the first half of 2019 and managed to surpass that figure in July and August alone.

He also added,

“When EXO, NCT, and Red Velvet release studio albums in the second half of this year, we will have no problem seeing an increase in the annual album sales.”

He also dropped a huge surprise; he revealed that they will be releasing not one but two rookie groups in 2020, one girl group and one boy group.

This statement alone shocked fans; some are excited about what will come while others are worried about the fate of the existing groups. It is unknown- so far, if the male group will be a new subunit of NCT or a completely different group.

Fans are also excited about what will be SM first female group since Red Velvet debut back in 2014. It’ll be their first in 6 years, a long time coming. Fans have high expectations.

Kim Young Min also briefly touched on the tense political relations between Korea and Japan, he stated that SM’s sales in Japan account for 15-20% of their total most of which come from concerts. Kim Young Min added that the planned Japanese concerts for this year will not be changed; the topic of cancelling them has not been brought up, adding,

“If the relations between Korea and Japan become worse, then it could possibly affect us negatively.”

What do you think of this? Are you excited or worried about SM’s future?

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  1. At first take care of the artist mental health and physical health. We have been hearing this kind of news since exo former member kris wu regarding of going through difficulties because of company and then so many members.

    1. The trainees for the girl groups have been in the company for years and appeared on shows with nct members when they were trainees too. They were supposed to have a debut for 2 years now

  2. I really wish that SM Entertainment will debut a girl group that consisting of 9 members and more like SNSD concept but in millennium style.

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