Rihanna Heavily Criticized By K-Netizens For Showing Up Two And A Half Hours Late To Her Event


Rihanna is under fire for her attitude at a recent event in Seoul!

Rihanna was scheduled to appear for her makeup line event “Artistry and Beauty Talk” at 5 pm on September 17. However, she showed up two and a half hours late to the event, it was reported that many people and reporters had already left due to the long waiting time.

K-netizens soon found out that Rihanna was holding an instagram live session, she was singing and joking around the same time for the event that reporters and fans showed up to which led to criticism. This isn’t the first time she arrived late to an event in South Korea, she previously showed up 50 minutes late to a press conference in 2010.

Many netizens wonder if she has any respect for Korea or Korean fans who waited at the event only for her to show up two and a half hours late. Some people even brought up her racist past.

When she arrived, she apologized and blamed the traffic,

“I was late because of traffic. I am very sorry.”

She also explained that she held the instagram live session while stuck in traffic.

Due to her attitude, many other events that were to be held at the same venue were affected. Netizens continue to criticize her even after finding out she apologized for being late.

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