f(x) Luna is in the spotlight, again!

f(x) Luna recently took the stage at the K CRUSH 2019 concert in Bangkok, however, she made headlines not for her performances but for the way her makeup looked under light.

There is also a drastic difference between the way her face looked on and off the stage. In a video to her instagram, she revealed that she personally done her makeup and her hair,

“self-hair and makeup.”

At first, fans thought it was the makeup artist fault, but later found out that Luna put on her own makeup.

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Fans continue to show their support regardless and talk about how pretty she looks while others advised that she lets a makeup artist do the work next time to avoid such an embarrassing instant caught on camera again.


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• 루루야 무대 올라가자 !! ❤️ @jyang_222

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What do you think of her makeup skills?


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