These idols were already born rich!

On September 18 episode of Mnet’s “TMI News,” the hosts ranked popular Kpop idols who come from privileged backgrounds, they’re called idols born with ‘golden spoons’ in their mouth.

It goes over expensive schools these idols went to and their homes plus other available information about their parents as well.

The list goes over 7 idols and the number one spot went to NCT’s Chenle, at number 2 is BTOB’s Sungjae, at 3rd is GOT7’s Mark, 4th is Block B’s P.O, 5th is TWICE’s Tzuyu, 6th is GFriend’s Umji, and 7th is ITZY’s Lia.

Fans were especially shocked to find out about ITZY’s Lia background; she’s part of one of the hottest rookie girl groups of 2019.

Fans are already aware of the majority of the idols on this list.

TWICE Tzuyu’s father is someone who is very influential in the business world in Taiwan, while her mother is a cafe owner and an owner of a clinic quite large in Taiwan.

Block B P.O father owns a duty free shop.

Fans found out about GOT7’s Mark well-off parents a while ago. His family owns a large house in the wealthy parts nears Los Angeles, which has its own very large swimming pool. It is believed that his father used to be a business man.

BTOB Sungjae previously confirmed that his father is the CEO of an IT company that deals with semiconductors.

G-Friend Umji’s father is the president of the Yeonsu branch of the S Moa Dentists Network. The network is said to have 40 clinics nationwide and employs over 200 dentists.

You can check out more about the idols lavish life style even before their debut below: