Was MAMAMOO stage ok or unacceptable? 

People are still talking about “Queendom” recent performances, many of them went viral and people praised the participating girl groups for their covers.

However, not all of it was sunshine and praise. A post on Pann discusses MAMAMOO using leash on men during a segment of their performance of AOA’s song “Good Luck.”

Some netizens pointed out that a certain part of the performance was not acceptable. Moonbyul can be seen holding a leash that was attached to two male dancers’ necks.

While the particular segment was only a couple of seconds, many pointed out the hypocrisy and how Moonbyul would’ve been in a bigger controversy had it been the opposite, a male idol holding leash on two female dancers.

Some criticized the group for doing a dance like this these days. Others called in the double standards in the entertainment business.

“They consider women controlling men girl crush but men controlling women misogyny… The double standards.”

Other netizens seem to disagree with some of the top voted comments that criticize the dance and stated that it’s simply ‘a dance’ and shouldn’t be made into an issue.

What do you personally think of this? You can check out the performance and judge for yourself below: