Lee Seungi Gi and Suzy’s New Drama “Vagabond” is already up to a solid start! 

The new SBS action thriller aired its first episode on September 20 to the top of its time slot. According to Nielsen Korea, the first, second and third part recorded 6.3%, 8.0%, and 10.2% respectively.  

Its an impressive feat for the new drama, its also quite impressive that it reached the 10% with its first episode alone. Expectations were high and they were met.  

The audience praised the drama for its good quality and acting, both Lee Seung Gi and Suzy were praised for their acting, the cinematography was also praised. 

“Vagabond” is an action thriller about a stuntman who sets to uncover the truth about a mysterious plane crash, he ends up uncovering a massive corruption scandal in the process. Suzy takes on the role of a NIS secret agent working undercover. 

What do you think of “Vagabond” so far? Have you checked out the first episode yet? Did it live up to your expectations?  


  1. It’s fantastic. Kept my eyes on the TV screen non stop like Daniel Craig’s first James Bond movie…the chase was thrilling and exciting. Bravo for a drama acting like high budget movie!


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