Lee Min Ho Astronomic Fee For Attending Just One Event Will Make Your Jaw Drop


Lee Min Ho is considered one of the most popular Korean actors of all time; he’s one of the most famous faces of the hallyu wave as well.

His influence on his fans is massive; he has a large fan base in many Asian countries which makes booking him for an event much harder and more costly.

Channel A reported that Lee Min Ho have earned a massive 900 million won ($755,149) just for showing up at an event in Hong Kong.

The event organizers in Hong Kong were extremely desperate to bring him over. He was reportedly initially unable to attend the event, however, they managed to convince him to attend, they even flew a chartered plane just for him to facilitate his schedule.

He was only there to show his face for a short period of time. Despite his short appearance, it was reported that he brought in over 10 billion won ($8.722 million) in profits for the event organizers which would make sense considering just how much they paid him.

When his agency was contacted to confirm the numbers, they declined to comment on the actual amount. However, they did confirm that he was paid ‘an amount that was beyond our imagination.’

Since Lee Min Ho rarely attends events it makes his appearance at any show even more valuable.

What do you think of these amounts? Do you think actors deserve to be paid such large amount for brief appearances?

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Source: (A)



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