Ku Hye Sun Lawyer Says She’ll Present Evidence And Submit A Counterclaim After Ahn Jae Hyun Files For Divorce


Its been revealed that Ahn Jae Hyun had filed a divorce lawsuit against Ku Hye Sun!

Ku Hye Sun’s legal representative has released an official statement regarding the situation.

LIWU Law Group lawyer Jung Kyung Suk explained that Ku Hye Sun’s official statement is being released to the public because ‘there has been a lot of inquiries and interest in Ku Hye Sun’s divorce and in order to reveal some of the changes that have occurred.’

The lawyer first explained that Ahn Jae Hyun submitted an application to the Seoul Family Court on September 9, and that it was delivered to Ku Hye Sun on September 18,

“Ku Hye Sun has expressed her desire to protect her family several times, but she thought it would be difficult to protect her family any longer at the time when the lawsuit was filed. In order to protect herself now, and since her judgment is that the reason for the breaking of their marriage is in Ahn Jae-hyun’s hands; she plans to file a counterclaim against Ahn Jae Hyun with the Seoul Family Court soon.

In addition, Ku Hye Sun will submit all the evidence (including photos) of what she claimed when proceeding with the lawsuit mentioned above.”

Ku Hye Sun had previously accused Ahn Jae Hyun of cheating on her with his co-star which prompted a lawsuit; she even claimed that she has photo evidence that proves Ahn Jae Hyun was with another woman.

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1 thought on “Ku Hye Sun Lawyer Says She’ll Present Evidence And Submit A Counterclaim After Ahn Jae Hyun Files For Divorce”

  1. Did u really protect ur family,how did u do it,or else we well say that u only thing ur self. u are a selfish woman.i read all conversation both of u
    .u didnt respect ur husband.did u really need to put in social media about ur divorce.and u acusing other people that they are having a affir with ur husband.do u have little shame to ur self.did u trust ur husband?did u really love him or u love him because she.love u..
    Dont say that u love ur husband kz ind magagawa ng taong tunay n nagmamahl naipahiya siya sa mga tao.na ipahiya siya sa social media.na pagbintangan siya n may kaaffir siyang iba.ind kanya ang taong nagmmahal ang taong may matinong ang pag iisip.
    Ur husband is a friend guy.attractive guy.u also an actress.gingawan mo.lhat ng effort para naging maganda ang kakalabasan ng drama mo…jan kau kumikita sa pag arti peo sana f off camera.magpakatotoo ka..sarili mo.wag mo isisi lhat sa aswa mo.kung bakit humanting sa divorce ang relasyon nio
    Isipin mo anjn ang dios nkatingin.anjan ang karma..nkabantay..so pls..stop it.dont be a selfish..kz ind lng kw ang nsasaktan..ind lng kw ang sirang sira..kz ag totoong victima dto ay c ahn jae..nadungisan ang pangalan nia.ang carrer nia nawala may maga galit s knya dhil sa ginwa mong pag scandalo sa media.un b ang gusto mo n maranasan nia.ku lng n lng patayin mo siya….anu kb goo….stop it..


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