Ku Hye Sun says Ahn Jae Hyun took her pet cat!

Ku Hye Sun has returned again to social media to post more about her divorce controversy with Ahn Jae Hyun. Two days ago she posted about leaving the entertainment industry and today she’s returned with more information about her divorce, the information is confusing everybody.

On September 3, she posted a photo of a cat and a dog chilling inside a closed space presumed to be her home. She captioned the photo,

“Anju [the pet name] has spent a longer time with me and is my pet.

He didn’t properly feed or clean up after the cat poop a single time but announced our divorce and took the cat with him, so we cannot get divorced.”

Anju is originally Ahn Jae Hyun’s cat and has been since 2014, it became one of their several pets after they married in 2016.

Previously, Ku Hye Sun lawyer revealed that she doesn’t want to get a divorce, in South Korea consent of both parties is needed for the divorce to proceed, this meant that the divorce proceedings are now paused until the couple figures out what to do and how to proceed.

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