K-Netizens Leave Hateful Hurtful Comments To A Photo Of Kim Hyun Joong Smiling At The Airport


Will Kim Hyun Joong ever be able to win netizen’s favor after all that happened?

On September 11, Kim Hyun Joong departed from Gimpo airport to Tokyo for his concert with the BIO-RHYTHM 2019 tour. There he was greeted by reporters and fans who waited for him.

Kim Hyun Joong flashed a big smile to the press and to fans and waved at them. You can check out video of his arrival at the airport below.

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Various Korean news outlets covered this story and posted photos of his smile. On Nate, an article titled “Kim Hyun Joong ‘the half-moon eye smile of the original flower boy’” gained lots of attention and negative comments from some netizens.

Here are some of their comments:

“What a scary person.”

“Attack on the butthole.”

“Today, the anal attack, here we go.”

“It’s really crazy that behind that innocent smile there were such texts.”

“You look like a scary person.”

“Trying to hit someone else again?”

“He became an Ahjussi (middle-age man)”


“Where’s your son?” and many more.

Kim Hyun Joong has been in a huge controversy with his ex-girlfriend who is also the mother of his child. She accused him of many things that still haunt him to this day. During the entire legal public battle, many netizens stopped supporting him and heavily criticized him. He hasn’t been able to recover his image in South Korea ever since.

Even after the trial was finished and a verdict was reached, the damage to Kim Hyun Joong’s public image has already been done. He’s now more active overseas, and his comeback drama performed extremely poorly in ratings.

What do you think of these comments?


  1. I personally don’t think kim hyun jong should be judge by his past, like the article said ” he was accused by his ex- girlfriend” he may or maynot have done what he was accused of. Come to think of it this stuff is between him and his ex i don’t think anyone has the right to accuse him or lay a bad comment because we all have our dark past and shouldn’t be judge by it, we sure do deserve a second chance. Don’t get me wrong i don’t support him and i do not blame him.

    • I agree with your comment. The Court found Hyun Joong not guilty. Hyun Joong does spend quality time with his son. No let’s just enjoy the beautiful music that he shares with us. We should continue to support him, instead of criticizing him. Too bad I’m not there to stand boldly by his side supporting his hard work

  2. From all of the details I could find on his case, he was cleared in each of the trials and the ex-girlfriend was convicted of fraud and had a sentence handed down to her by the courts. That being said, I think those who still are on the bandwagon to de-fame him are doing it out of personal vendetta. I agree with the other comment that a person’s personal life is their own. We all have things in our personal life that wouldn’t look good in the public spot light. He is a very talented and hardworking young man. Many would have given up, but he never puts blame on others and just works hard on the things that he wants to improve on. His music is amazing and improves with every album. He should be able to hold his head up high and be proud of all that he has accomplished and all the love he still has from his fans around the world.

    • I’m a huge fan of KHJ, regardless of what the HATERS netizens say. We all at one time or another have had bad karma
      So you guys, need to expel your negativity in a more constructive manner. I thoroughly enjoy his music always.

  3. If netizens don’t have anything better to do then they criticize him only. Fake propaganda was built by his ex gf. He is smiling or laughing because he won his cases and came clean. Korean netizens are truly themselves very scary and bad people. Henecia forever Fandom will always remain strong. If he is not popular or he is being criticized then why people at sir port and media outlets are covering him and taking his photos and videos?blind people will say he is not popular.

  4. First of all, if he did wrong she would not be in jail, so she’s the liar and she play a dirty drama just because she want his money, and please shut your mouth and stop talking about the things that already happened years ago, the story already ended and we’re in 2019 now… Y’all dumb asses just trying to make him feel bad, y’all haters no one fucking care about you, there are millions of fans for him, no one reads your shit anyways, y’all can keep hating, because you’re that bitch that has no popularity and nothing just a broke ass bitch sitting home and posting hate comments to a star that has millions of fans, y’all go shit your pants, no one can fucking relate, what you doing, bored? Writing hate comments? Haha, y’all waste your time doing that while he’s being happy with his fans… Forever Henecia we love you khj

    • Yeah u are right these haters dont have anything better to do instead of focusing on there self and improve the negavity in there life they are focusing on someone else who is inoncent .how will they feel if they were in his position a crazy obsessive person destroy his reputation for money that gold digger and still these ppl continue to hate him for no reason at all i think they hate there self but dont want to admit it and instead choice to hate shameless .women like these give put shame and other women and gives them bad name hyung keep work hard at the end of the day ur fans and god are with u the rest dont matter live ur life to the fullest if they choice to hate u instead of opening there eyes that there own prob as it is life is too short to hate ppl especially ppl who are innoncent.

  5. Give him a chance to probe that he is not that bad. Who are we to judge? It takes two to tango! We really don’t know what happened behind closed door. “Don’t judge least we will also be judge”.

  6. People hold onto the past too long!! Hyun Joong was NOT found guilty of the assault to his ex!! She’s crazy in my books!! Leave Hyun Joong and his FAMILY ALONE!! His mother and father have gone thru enough!! Hyun Joong DESERVES his privacy and respect! Love him & SS501!

  7. I wish the SK media would just leave him alone. The ex girl friend lied about the abuse. She was found guilty nit him. Netizen’s need to stop dwelling on the past and get over it. Let him move on. He is a amazing human soul who deserves to move on with his life. Like everyone else SK fans are so fickle and unforgiving it is absurd.

  8. Sometimes, i dont understand Knetz… How can they help him move on from the past if they keep bringing it up? Sure that he must have learned from his experience but people should move on as well. The guy is human after all. He is not spared from the problems and struggles ordinary people do.

  9. Jesus Christ said, “Let him who is without sin, let him cast the first stone. All the religious pharasees put down there stones. aLL of them Why did they All put down their stones??? Because they realized that none of them was without sin. NONE of them.

  10. all famous actors and actresses received good and bad publicity and people really don’t know wheteher the story is real or not, so they must not judge these actors and actresses, and even if bad news are true, their private lives should be separated from their professional life.Kim Hyun Joong is a good actor and singer, please don’t let such a good talent be wasted.

  11. I find these korean young women are scary. Don’t they have better things to do? After following all these kpop news, it seems as if these youngsters motivation is to get rid of all the 1st or 2nd generations groups to push for the current favorites. I’m not a fan of any group whatsoever. Just studying what’s all the hype about Kpop. These netizen will judge people without any solid proof. They basically condemning a person for life. Like this article, what’s so wrong about smiling to his fan? You don’t like it, don’t look. Simple as that. But to write up all the craps like scary, today on anal attack, etc. etc. I can’t image what will become of these netizen/imbeciles when they become an adults. THRASH!

  12. You judge someone as if hes proven guilty of what happened duh! Hes not the only person who made a mistake in south korea some made worse than what his ex accused him its just that hes a celebrity and besides he admitted his mistake that he hit his ex once its just that the girl made an exagerrated news that damage his name but cant you just give him a second chance averyone desserve a second chance if he does it again then thats the time that you hate him to the fullest but for the mean can we appreciate what hes doing?

  13. We all know how this works, There is money involve to get people to continue to bring his past back with negative coments.. They want to destroy him and make sure he will not get back up. Mrs Choi really did a job on him. He was prove inocent and thats what matters. He has plenty of fans to get him going. All these people who gets pay and who enjoys to bring celebrities down, the really don’t give a who about either side. they enjoy the attencion because thats how losers are. Kim Hyun Joong.. continue with your work and ignore them. More likely they are much worse in their private life than what they’re trying to bring up. Trash will always be trash.

  14. I think Neitzens are just very sad people who hide behind the computer screen. And although that is bad, I think what is worse is when journalists report a story without all the facts. Isn’t a journalist job to investigate and report the truth, like how he was found innocent in 3 separate courts, how the ex girlfriend was found guilty of many counts including fraud, blackmail, embezzlement, and defamation and she admitted it. As far as the nasty laws comments stated above, well if that is what you saw that is where your head is at, in the gutter. As far as the child he has tried to see him, it has been reported. But no one should keep getting trashed after they proved their innocence. He didn’t run he stayed and fought for his innocence, that in itself speaks volumes.

  15. I am A Henecia and the Courts found him innocent of all the ex’s accusations. netizens who continue to bash him over her lies are commiting acts of liable. If netizens of South Korea cant face the reality that they where lied to for years by one woman about this mans character that is a show of thier poor character not his. Outside of South Korea around the world all of KHJ’s activities since his return from military service have been very sucessful. including his drama When Time Stopped. So while trying to reful a long dead fire over false accusations to fling mud at KHJ this article actually paints citizens of South Korea as close minded judgemental people who would rather condem and destroy the career of an innocent man then live upto the countrys reputation of having people who still place value on honor and dignity because the honorable and dignified responce since he has been proven innocent would be to appologise for being drawn into that womans lies and give him the opertunity to show who he really is and support the talented artist that they had such strong support in before.

  16. I am proud to say I’m a supporter of Kim Hyun Joong. He has owned up to his mistakes and has paid for them several times over. His ex is the one who exposed private text messages between two consenting adults. Has anyone held her accountable for that? Her only reason for publishing those text messages was to humiliate him and to try and ruin his career. I personally think it’s a shame that he is unable to see his child because of unresolved legal issues. KHJ has every right to lead a happy life. With age comes wisdom. I for one would not like to be held accountable for every mistake I made in my twenties. I am happy to see him back on stage doing what he loves to do and bringing so much joy to his fans with his music. For the longest time, that smile was missing. I’m just glad it’s back. KHJ fighting!

  17. Having a past like that and …u can’t smile ??? Lol weird people ..Everyone has a right to be happy we never know how bad the past of the people who are commenting on him lol

  18. South Koreans may have stopped supporting him, but that does not changed the fact that KHJ’s open-minded, non-prejudiced and non-discriminatory international fans and followers love him and are still loving him to bits up to this very day! Besides, every South Korean is imperfect too, just like any human being on thos earth, so, don’t act like y’all are Saints which were granted halos from heaven!

  19. Kim is not God,he is just a human being.And every human do some mistakes in their life.he is not exception one….
    People who criticize him are they God?
    Have they not done any mistake in their life?
    I don’t think so.
    Just Think about that…..
    Don’t criticize any one in the world cause it will return to u one day…..it is Universal law

  20. I dont think it is fare to attack him verbally towards his appearance. We dont know for sure who is to blame for what happened between the two of them. He might commit a crime and was a bad guy or perhaps shouldn’t be on the social media anymore. But it is also his choice that he still wants to be in this industry. So, if we all do hate him and have nothing better to say then may be we should just unfollow him instead of attacking someone appearance or else without knowing if what he was accused for is true or not. I think it’s unfair.

  21. the truth had already been revealed by the courts. that woman created a story. truth is truth. those people commenting negative about him need to read the findings of the court. if until now they do not want to believe that, that is their choice…

  22. Its true! everyone commits mistake, we don’t have the right to judge others because of the mistakes they committed in the past. Everyone deserves a second chance, may Kim Hyun Joong be given another chance to shine again.

  23. Nobody’s perfect as if you don’t do a mistake also for god sake …do anyone deserve a second chance if its possible for somebody else to get a second chance why not for kim hyun joong ..it’s been a long time and khj prove his innocent why people continue judging him..he deserve what he has now and we will continue to support and love him no matter what

  24. Knetizens should stop commenting or saying bad things to these celebrities as if these Knetizens didnt do wrong things their whole life. Stop being so judgemental. People do have mistakes and people learn and change. Cant they just leave him alone? People should start minding their own business.

  25. kim hyun joong is only a human being, we all make mistake. there’s a saying “Don’t judge the book by it’s cover” .. I’m hoping Kim Hyn Joong we’ll recover of everything happen to his life. I’m happy to see him back and still smile to make his fans happy too.

  26. We should not judge anyone with their past.everyone makes mistake that doesnot means he or she has not any right to be happy.we dont know what exactly happened but we should support if khj is trying to make come back as he knows his fans will always support. These netizens r expecting that he should be gone forever as depressed.but keep it up khj we support you,you have every right to be happy n wish you gud luck for your performance.

  27. Hyun joong is wonderful person and talented artist and I don’t think Koreans really supported him in the past the case with ex-girlfriend is just an excuse to take out there huterd of years even if that woman was sanctioned twice in different courts this not surprising when Korean social media platforms became through the time a big dustbin for psychos social loosers and faillors especially in the entertainment

  28. I am an Australian fan. I like korean dramas because of him. Great singer who I listen to everyday. I feel sad to hear nasty comments. He is brave to overcome this. Will always be a fan.

    • Oh God, I’m so done with people. “He became an Ahjussi”…. So what? That was so irrelevant. Can’t you all just leave him alone? He’s just doing his best. He doesn’t need your hateful comments. Whatever you say won’t change the fact he still has fans who love and support him. If you don’t want to support him, then just stay away, simple as that.

  29. I didn’t see anything wrong with his smile. He was politely bowing & smiling at his fans showing his appreciation of their presence. I’m sure they would have said something else if he didn’t acknowledge them. SK netizens, smh.

    • Whoever made those obviously is an unhappy person. As for Kim Hyun Joong that smile what we love about him second is his music it touch our heart. His acting. (to me) is what got me to start watching Korean drama.
      As for is personal life, remember this there is always 3 truth hers, his and the real truth! But his personal life should have nothing to do with his career. If you don’t like him then just don’t listen to his music or watch his dramas. One don’t look at his pictures.

  30. Khj personal is his personal yaar..his personal issue afected him these 4 yr deadly exp. Non of his personal issue affected netizen or press reporters. These ppl gained money by spoiling his life. Netizens r not judgemental. They r keen to demotivate khj and his career. They r aiming to pull down his skill by using instrument called ..mental illness. If u want to beat him, then beat him with ur talents. Then i will accept netizens as gentlemen. Netizens r not god..as if they have not done any mistakes so far in life. They see girl in all 360 degree and can understand all worst stupid words. Then how come they b pure. Atleast khj does something gud with music to make all ppl happy. Wat netizens do..just knw to demotivate and spoil his life. Wat the other talents do netizens posses. We fans always stand by him to motivate him. Many artist have learned to b cautious how to escape from negativity. Khj is innocent yaar..he wudnt hav expected this fall. Let him live and let us also live happily by cherishing his music. His ex girlfrienx is not annai teresa..who had not done mistakes. Mistakes wil b from both end.. but she must hv done to this extend to spoil him…thats strange..a girl is born to teach good things to men. And do t ever say that khj shd not smile. Let netizens keep trying their effort..inturn they are making him come up…in view of fans. So its gud only… khj can withstand bec he had the stuff. All the best khj..fighting…for ever and gng to b inspiration for all young generation.

  31. I definitely support him…..after that incident I was in fear that he might not be able to happy and smile again like before ……but time heal every wound …so please don’t be psycho….if you don’t want to support him then it’s okay ….but not cheap word for him…he is good person with beautiful heart instead of his wrong choice of girl I really like him

  32. Put your head on your head. Until now are you still not clear to that issue. Your brain is really narrow. Move on. You know what you did to destroy his career he is still there. God guides each step he will do

  33. Is there a law that is not allowed to smile? Hello! Move on! If you are not happy in your life, don’t be involved anyone anymore. As long as KHJ is happy and still there we support him no matter what happens

  34. That smile just emplies peace in life no longer aspiring what else. I’m sure KHJ won’t get any money that looks like a girl. Don’t be full of negative. Stop him now

  35. Judging an actor for his own personal life to me is to Harsh. Things happen to people all the time. We are human, not inhuman .We are no different than them. The only difference is we aren’t in the eye of the publi
    I still support him as an actor and hope the best for him in the future

  36. I am a fan & think he is so talented. Support him whole hardly support him. Wish he would bring his tour to North America. In fact move to America I say. Stay strong.

  37. It’s unreal the way SK artist must always be perfect and have a spotless image. But who really can honestly meet those standards? Does these standards apply to everyone? No, because if that was so everyone would fail. The people that report the negativity and won’t let a person learn and grow from life’s mistakes have already failed. KHJ has everything right to pursue happiness in every expect of his life, while along the way bringing joy and happiness to the people who enjoy his talents. KHJ stay strong keep shining, let no one dull your light. As one of your many fans…. you will always shine bright to us!!!

  38. That smile is a smile of peace that is no longer aspiring for whatever. If you cant move on on what happened because you’re grrr you’re already a choice. Stop him! It’s well to be the law. Don’t judge your own mind that thinks you’re perfect. No perfect in this world. Stop pestering him

  39. Hate the stupid comments about an actor. I am n big fan of him . We clap with two hands not with one hand so there might be both fault in past why u blame only an actor what about the girl……? So please u also get over it n live him in a peace n let him do great work …..

  40. Leave him alone!!! He is a good human being!!! His personal has nothing to do with anyone else!!! Leave his son out of your questions!!! I’m supporting him. He who is without guilt cast the first Stone and that would be nobody in this whole wide world!!!

  41. K-netizens are the most judgmental, vindictive, narrow minded group I’ve ever heard of or read about. There is no middle ground for this bunch of harpies. Either they love you or they hate you. They show no mercy. They make such a big fuss over someone smiling. Makes you wonder what their daily life is like for them to spew so much vitriol.

  42. I have 2 favorite k,Drama Actor and kim Hyun joong is one of them and love his music
    He is one of the the actors that got me intrested in k,drama. And I also love he last drama

  43. Don’t be so judgemental pls.. . You don’t know the truth.. I will support KHJ because I believe he’s innocent.. Keep strong KHJ. Hope that nxt time me and my friend will have a time to buy a ticket for your concert here in Hongkong.

  44. Netizens are a bunch of miserable, lonely, uneducated (most can’t spell or write), inexperienced, immature, underaged, uninformed, broke-ass idiots hiding behind a fake handle trying to tear someone else down because they have loser life. Most are plain looking underqualified maggots mad because a man like KHJ wouldn’t look twice at them. A bunch of idiots always supporting evil vindictive psycho women with a history of lying. Doesn’t say much for their own character or morals when they care more about supporting a lying cow rather than standing for truth and what’s right.

    • I find it sad that people have nothing better to do other than ruin peoples lives. I think he has been unfairly treated and deserves to be treated better. But its ok KHJ come to America we will love you here an aparently everywhere else your true fans wont stop believing in you. Always keep your head held high and flash that beautiful smile.

  45. The court pronounced him innocent
    But this knetizens don’t like him , besides everyone one has hidden skeletons , and the lady might just be lieing.
    Khj for live
    Love you oppa

  46. Netizens, who you are to judge him. LEAVE HIM ALONE! You know you really should blame why there are so many suicide people out there with you especially celebrity because your brain is so narrow

  47. I really don’t care what they say. I love him I would even let my daughter date him. That girl has some serious issues which she probably provoked him. It doesn’t make it right no one should lay there hands on someone. He made a mistake he apologize. Let it go that’s there business. If he wasn’t someone famous none of you would give a dam about it. Get your life and worry about your own business. What went on has nothing to do with his music are his drama. His last drama was very good can’t wait for another one. Keep your head up Kim hyun joong. Love ya!!!!!

  48. What are they talking about? They talked HJ like a trash! Such a bunch of immature people. HJ is the best guy I’ve ever known. He is a multitalented man. He is a successful actor, singer, and songwriter. I’m a Henecia and I proudly said that. I’m glad being a fan of HJ since I know he is a generous, kind, ans nice person. And I do support him in every way he choose. Really don’t know how KNetz couldn’t apologize him for his past. Have they forgot that the saints have their past and sins too?! For KNetz, please Stop insulting him!

  49. Keep smiling Kim Hyun Joong! So what if they hated you, what if they abandoned you, there are still a lot of us who keep loving and is supporting you in your journey! So what if he’s an ahjussi, every one aged but you (KHJ) aged handsomely. You’ve had already proved the world and cleared your name yet bunch of idiots would not believe you no matter what. Let them be, life ahead of you is clearer and sturdier than ever before. Fighting Leader!

  50. I think KHJ is very talented. I love the smile he is gorgeous. You have to remember yes he is an idol but most importantly he is human he has feelings. I know in the entertainment business you have to have thick skin but it still hurts. Kim Hyun Joong stay true to yourself and keep that gorgeous smile. Please don’t let those MFers get you down they are just jealous because they can’t be you they have no talent.

  51. He’s a great actor I’ve enjoyed all the dramas and movies and he can sing and dance at the same time very well that’s an exceptional talent. He’s a triple entertainer. I’m very proud of you stand tall keep up the good work. God bless

  52. What a scary person? Wow! You should be reflecting with yourself, you don’t have the right to trash talk khj when you’re not even close to him. If you don’t like him then shut your mouth. Why? You’re disappointed that he is happy, he deserve to be happy and to smile to his fans because he loves henecia, all his fans.

  53. Khj is the best. It doesn’t matters what others say. Because U were the best, U are the best and for me U’ll always be the best. So keep smiling and working hard as U always did.
    U are the shining and Hallyu star of korea. And the shining star never gets dim or fade away. I as well as ur all the fans support u whole heartedly. So keep going.

  54. That usually happen in korea becuase most pple are still primitive sorry to say… But i guess you have to.open your eyes to reality that tje world evolved so as people!! You should respect that entertainers had their private life too… For as long as they don’t destroy each other in public you people should support them of their choices!!

  55. People should leave him alone, he don’t need that negative energy around him , he is a good person from what I can see and for me I love him , his acting and singing career is everything, Kim Hyun-joong if you can see this keep doing what you are doing do not pay any attention to these negative energy that surrounds you ,. Be you honey , im always by your side , fighting sweety.

  56. netizens only know how to criticize even after the truth was revealed
    .they are the ones who are trash..KHJ deserve all TRIPLE S support..we love him to the bones…he doesn’t deserve this kind of trash..

  57. It’s so hard for a fan to hear that our idol is being going through so much without even us a small clue of his pains. If I had the power to stop those netizens from speaking badly I would done it in first place. Who cares about those dogs who speak bad about our idol. Dogs keep barking but more than the people who hate Kim hyun joong oppa the people who cherish are a lot more. Your smile is enough to brighten up everything and everyone. The people who r not able to bare his handsomely smile will surely speak bad . Anyhow we love u oppa . We will always support u Kim hyun joong oppa

  58. I hope that every single person who says anything negative to KHJ has it back threefold…. have you not seen his whole life/Career/family life been disrupted? Anything bad can happen to anyone… anyone… you have a life a career a family… if something bad happened to you or your family… what then? Be humble be forgiving, you were not there or know what really happened… let him live… if you have nothing good to say… keep it for yourself and yours… leave him alone…. Stay well and happy KHJ x

  59. K-netizens is really bad. What’s your problem.? Did you ever know what will happen in your life after this.? If you don’t have any good word, don’t ever leave a bad word to others. Leave a comment like all of you is satan. Seriously i don’t know what is the good side of your netizen. Too much hate too idol/actors/actress who have made a mistake. Mind your own life jek dah lah. Mentally ill.!

  60. Those people are horrible
    Human beens , as a woman I realize that take two people
    To make mistakes, why are they attacking him? , is not like she is an innocent flower, and please unless u were there , how do u know what happen, so, get a life and let the man live his own life in peace, how what he does has to do with u, u r just ugly bitter people with nothing
    Better to do, fix u r own lives.

  61. To KHJ, keep fighting, those people
    Critics, don’t pay attention to it, they are hateful people with no life of their own, you have lots of people that lives u too! FIGHTING!!!!!!

  62. I’m a plain speaking Yorkshire woman. Leave the lad alone what ever happened is over and should be done with, stop dragging him down with nasty comments,he is one of the best singers out there even in my country (England)
    His smile is warm and friendly is laugh is playfull and makes you love him more so please dont hate xx

  63. Holding a grudge when you know your idea has been proven wrong, is stupid and childish. Those Knets and Nets KNOW his ex was found guilt of fraud, fake text messages, blackmail, etc. They just want to feel justified in judging him incorrectly, so they throw shade at every opportunity. The last court episode resulted in the court not awarding child support, they were not sure he was the father of the child in question AND that she was the mother, the court thought it might be her sisters child. All that hate spewed at him was a well orchestrated media play that ended with her begging the court for mercy and admitting her wrongdoings. So why do Knets and Nets hate him still? Stubbornness, ignorance, it’s sad, let go of the fake hate and fake judgement.

    • Stop criticizing Hyun Joong
      You don’t know his circumstances that time, you only know the half story and many times in these kind of cases girl’s words are given more importance. And yah what if he did something wrong he repented it and paid a huge amount but what about the girl there must have been her mistakes too

  64. supporting kim hyun joong forever
    i really want to cry when i think about that hard time that he had been through and only god knows he is such a good heart innocent person so you don’t have the right to judge him when you don’t even know him.. so please stop bothering him pleaseee just stopppp.. he have the right to be happy in his life and we love him always and forever❤ fighting our leader SS501 forever

  65. If u notice d word used is k – netizens which r korean netizens… These females r too backward in their thoughts… They have a long way to show maturity… When a man has been proved inocent who r they to comment negatively… N these females r acting as if they r flawless… Look into their lives n u’ll c how pure they r… Its unfortunate that KHJ was gifted to a country that does not deserve him…in my perception he is d man I would feel safe around n he knows to respect women… N v r amongst those henesians who supported n understood him in his hard times… Not shun him at d drop of a hat… Wonder how these women will turn out as wives n mothers… It will b a living hell with these kinds coz they will b always judgmental. KHJ with u forever❤❤❤… U have a world of ppl who love u like crazy so don’t bother with a few of ur country ppl who don’t know how to value u as yet… Ur d best n ur unique… No one knows u like ur henecians do. Stay strong stay happy always.

  66. Does he have no right to smile or what .Petty and narrow minded people . As if all haters are deities, some time unfortunate mistakes are bound to happen.Any thing may happen to any one Better show some respect to people

  67. You guys can’t just give stupid brutish comments like that.
    At least respect yourselves.The fact that your WiFi and Google has given you a chance to give comments so you are giving them like you don’t know what courtesy is about
    In fact I will advise you to think about yourselves

  68. if there is someone who is scary thats k nitizens not our lovely hyunjoong♡k nitizens are terriblle that always judg without auy knowledge and i think they may be so jealous
    no problem dear hyunjoong
    nutil henecias are alive they support you no matter wher they are or how much its difficult. our love is always more…

  69. I think it’s a shame that this continues to haunt his career. I hope he can continue to follow what he likes doing, if not in his home country, then perhaps another one. He is a fine singer and fairly decent actor.

  70. Honestly there were so many accusations from his ex-gf that was not supported by any evidences, the accusation that she lost the child when she was pregnant was not supported, as well as the one which she mentioned that she was pregnant 5 times in the period of 2 years. The ex-gf was just trying to ruin his career completely and I hate her so much for that. I don’t think KHJ deserves that much hate and feel that korean netizens are stupid enough to believe all the edited text message screenshots that were being spread online by his ex-gf were true, when it was just the ex-gf’s attempt to ruin his image completely. K-netizens shouldn’t be so harsh towards KHJ as well. He makes mistakes like any human being and it is so wrong that K-netizens expect him to be perfect. If they can’t be perfect themselves, why do they expect him to be? He is an actor and a singer and we should appreciate his acting and singing. Because of this saga, it is so sad that he can’t return to the Korean entertainment industry without people criticising him constantly. Korean netizens, please be more forgiving and please look at the verdicts of the lawsuits, instead of being so stupid and believing everything that is spread online. Because of your comments, celebrities are constantly getting hurt. Don’t talk shit when you don’t even know what happened. Please make life easier for these celebrities. They don’t deserve to be criticised like that.


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