K-Netizens Leave Awful Hate Comments For Song Hye Kyo Appearance In New York Fashion Week

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Song Hye Kyo is in New York enjoying Fashion Week!

On September 8, Song Hye Kyo attended 2020 Spring Summer fashion week for Ralph Lauren. Various beauty magazines captured amazing videos and photos of her elegance.

She wore a simply while dress and minimal makeup which made her stand out even more. However, netizens left nasty hateful comments on articles that cover this story.

Many pointing out that she looks ‘ugly,’ or that they have lost respect for her following her divorce from Song Joong Ki.

Here are some of their comments:

“I admit, I like her less after her divorce.”


“She looks like an ahjumma (middle-aged-woman).”

“I am so curious, who will be her next man?”

“She’s getting uglier..”

“Weird… is it just me who thinks she looks different than before..”

“Don’t you dare say that Song Joongki wasn’t responsible.”

And much more.

What do you think of this?


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#VKFW2020SSNY 🇺🇸 뉴욕 패션위크의 토요일 밤. 여기는 랄프 로렌 쇼가 열린 ‘Ralph’s Club’입니다. 오늘 하루를 위해 월스트리트 은행이 근사한 클럽으로 변했죠. 미국 최고의 쇼답게 지지 하디드, 벨라 하디드, 테일러 힐, 아녹 야이, 신현지, 브리짓 코스, 조안 스몰스 등 톱 모델들이 총출동했습니다. 한국 셀러브리티로는 배우 송혜교가 자리를 빛냈습니다. 영화 <위대한 개츠비>를 연상케하는 인테리어와 그리고 수트로 무장한 서버들, 라이브 재즈 음악은 잊지못할 뉴욕의 밤을 선사했습니다. 대미를 장식한 건 뮤지션 자넬 모네의 파워풀한 공연! 영상에서 생생한 현장감을 느껴보시죠. @ralphlauren (✍🏻Hyunji Nam) – #RalphLauren transformed the 48 #WallSt location into ‘#RalphsClub’ for a runway featuring models like #GigiHadid, #BellaHadid, #TaylorHill, #AnokYai, #HyunjiShin, #BirgitKos and #JoanSmalls. Stars including #SongHyekyo attended the event. #Vogue #VogueKorea #宋慧乔 #拉夫劳伦 #纽约 #时装周

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  1. well we all know that it’s her fault for the divorce, she should have considered herself lucky that after being an ahjumma she still got a young man but no cause she’s addicted to man hunting…….

    1. Sis you talk like you was in they lives knowing their relationship. Don’t accuse and spread negativity to people. Your words are horrible and you should know better than to make assumptions about people you dont know.

    2. Why do you have to be so rude…. You don’t have any idea what she might be going through right now………….u don’t have right to judge someone like that …. You don’t know what happened between them so you really don’t have right to say things like this ………. The way you are writing these comments give the glimpse of what kind of person you are………..

  2. I never thought that she is pretty. When I heard the news they are broken, I just felt that I knew it from the first! Whatever the rumors true or not she is not my cup of tea at all.

    1. If she is not your cup of tea, then say no more. I am a lady and I think she is pretty, considering that she doesn’t have to rely on plastic surgery to look pretty. Her beauty is natural. Too bad her marriage has to end in divorce. She probably need someone older and not someone young who is immature. I have been in a few relationships with younger men. And find all of them do things in haste and very immature. Two of them just went missing without saying goodbye. One of them resurfaced 12 years later. The other three years later. Man, can’t they just talk things out with me. If they found someone better, I will bless time. No problem. Or if they don’t like something about me, then tell me. At least say something. So I believe SJK is equally immature. Even his father is so shocked and wasn’t consulted.

  3. It was shk suggested a divorce even sjk doesnt want it.. sjk try his best to talk shk but shk keep on avoiding and ignoring sjk thats why she always go outside korea.. she keep herself busy in cf promo in other country.. sjk is a family oriented while shk is career oriented.. she prioritize his career than planning of having a complete family

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