JYP Reveals The Real Reason TWICE Mina Decided To Participate In Her Group’s Comeback

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We finally know why TWICE Mina ended up participating in her group’s comeback!

Mina teaser video for TWICE upcoming comeback was released last night. The fandom was excited to finally see her after few months’ hiatus. She took a break from her group activities due to her health concerns.

JYP had previously revealed that Mina was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and that she’ll continue to focus on her health. Her participation in her upcoming group activities would be dependent on her condition along with discussions with her group members.

She ended up participating in her group’s comeback. When the video teaser was out, fans trended two hashtags to celebrate her return on twitter. Those hashtags topped worldwide trends.

In a press release on September 14, JYP explained why Mina ended up participating; they revealed that Mina wanted to participate in the new album so badly. Mina showed her willingness to participate in the new album, so JYP carefully decided to let her join.

This signals her return, she’s been on a hiatus for couple of months and missed her group’s concert tour plus award shows but fans didn’t care about that. They wanted Mina to come back when she can, they’re glad to see her back and can’t wait to see the 9 members on stage again.

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TWICE “Feel Special” will drop on the 23rd at 6pm, are you excited?

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  1. I felt so bad because of mina’s health diases her anxiety got me so worried I’m happy that she’s back on stage with 9 members now that she’s back she can participate in the new comeback with her group

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