Justin Bieber Shocks ARMY After He Wished BTS Jungkook A Happy Birthday


Justin Bieber is just one of the many people who wished BTS Jungkook a happy birthday!

ARMY celebrated BTS Jungkook’s birthday starting the early hours of September 1st, they trended various hashtags on twitter and topped the worldwide trends. The fans also had many projects planned for Jungkook to celebrate his birthday in style.

Justin Bieber also congratulated Jungkook on his birthday.

On his twitter account, he wrote,

“Happy birthday #Jungkook. They ain’t ready. Now watch this tweet go crazy.”

ARMY, as expected, were shocked to see his tweet. They also started wondering what he meant by ‘They ain’t ready,’ could this be a hint of a future collaboration between the two artists?

Meanwhile, Jungkook thanked his fans for celebrating his birthday and posted a snippet of an English song to his group twitter account teasing its possible full release later.

Happy birthday Jungkook!


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