Actor Jo Byeong Gyu recently admitted that he’s a cold type of person!

On September 7 episode of MBN’s “Naturally,” Jo Byeong Gyu and actress Jeon In Hwa had lunch by the river and started talking about themselves. Jo Byeong Gyu mentioned that he’s a song who’s not good at expressing his affection towards his mother.

The older actress Jeon In Hwa scolded him and told him that he needed to be more affectionate,

“Moms want their sons to show affection. How are you to your girlfriend?”

Jo Byeong Gyu said that he behaves the same way to his girlfriend,

“I am the same with my girlfriend. I am really cold. I don’t really express my feelings.”

Jeon In Hwa replied with,

“But she still likes you? you must have that bad-boy appeal.”

Jo Byeong Gyu then looked embarrassed and laughed it out. Jo Byeong Gyu and Kim Bo Ra met on the set of the hit drama “SKY Castle,” they confirmed their relationship earlier this year.

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Are you surprised to learn that about him?

Source: MBN


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