Ji Chang Wook popularity in Vietnam is no joke!

On September 10 (local time), Ji Chang Wook arrived in Vietnam; he was greeted by a huge crowd proving his popularity overseas. Fans came to the airport to see a glimpse of the beloved actor.

Ji Chang Wook came to Vietnam for an event, for bubble tea store ‘The Alley’ opening. However, the event he came all the way for was ultimately cancelled due to huge crowding issues by the store. The event organizers had to cancel the event because the crowding situation presented danger for the actor and fans.

Ji Chang Wook took to instagram stories to explain that the event was cancelled due to safety concerns. The video has English subtitles for the fans as well. Ji Chang Wook also talked about regretting not being able to meet his fans and wanting to see them in the near future.

Here are some photos from the dangerous crowding situation:

and here is the announcement video:

Top right-side photo credit goes to jichangwook_vn