It turns out that Jeon Somi was indeed preparing to debut with ITZY as many have suspected!

Pre-debut profile pictures of ITZY were releases, the group included: with Somi- Yezi- Lia- Ryujin- Chaeryoung minus Yuna, they were a five member girl group.

The pre-debut pictures were released online recently and have been shared all over social media. Fans started debating how well Jeon Somi would have suited ITZY and whether it would’ve been better for her if she had debuted with the group instead.

Previously, in August of 2018 JYP Entertainment released an official statement revealing that after mutual agreement, they decided to terminate her contract which shocked all of her fans.

In the following months, Jeon Somi signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment’s sub-label The Black Label. Back in February of 2019, her label revealed that she was preparing for a solo debut.

ITZY ended up debuting before her and she followed after them after many delays to her debut due to many circumstances.

While ITZY’s debut was a success on the Korean charts the same couldn’t be said about Jeon Somi. Jeon Somi’s debut performed ok on the charts but was quickly kicked out of the top 10 shortly after she made her debut.

Jeon Somi previously explained why she left JYP, she said,

“We had different musical directions. We had many discussions around the time I was leaving. Back then, we had a lot of conversations.

There was no discord between us, and both of us were cheering on each other when I left. I cheer on JYP, and I think JYP probably cheers me on too.”

Check out the pre-debut profile pictures below. Do you think she would’ve fit ITZY’s concept?

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