Is BTS Jungkook Releasing Solo Music Soon? An Album Perhaps? He Spills The Tea During Recent V Live


Looks like BTS Jungkook is preparing something huge, soon!

On September 27, J-Hope held a V Live session to interact with fans and discuss his collab with Becky G that ended up breaking all sorts of records. During the broadcast, Jungkook popped out and danced to “Chicken Noodle Soup” at J-Hope’s request.

J-Hope was extremely pleased to see Jungkook dancing to his newest release; Jungkook went on to praise J-hope for his work saying, “I never thought I would fall for a man.”

J-hope then asked Jungkook if he’d greet fans through a V Live soon, to that, he replied,

“Me, I’d love to… I want… I am working on songs.

I was originally planning on releasing it right after our break, but I wasn’t satisfied with it.”

When J-hope asked him when he plans on releasing the song, he replied with,

“I’m not working on just one song,” he then bowed to the camera and asked fans to look forward to it, J-hope also promised to look forward to it, Jungkook then added,

“Today after the recording I’ll work on them. We’re working on the chorus now… How should I put it? I am a chorus expert.”

Jungkook had been teasing a possible solo release for a while now, earlier this month; he surprised fans with a preview of an English-language song.

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Are you excited for Jungkook possible solo release?

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