HyunA Leaves Fans Puzzled By Posting A Spoiler Then Apologizing??


HyunA might be coming back soon, very soon!

On September 16, HyunA posted an image with the purple text that reads “HyunA-ing” in both English and Korean with a small white flower.

She captioned the photo with, “Spoiler.” and even tagged her agency P-Nation official account.

Fans were getting excited about the comeback but she then suddenly posted a comment apologizing to her fans with three Pinocchio emjoi faces,

“I am sorry [informal], I am sorry [formal].”

Fans were puzzled by HyunA’s actions, some think she’s joking around and teasing her fans, other believe that she posted something about her comeback. There are also fans who believe this might be another hint about her upcoming comeback.

Regardless, fans are still waiting for her comeback. So far, Fellow agency artist Crush already made a comeback under the new agency, Jessi is next. Fans are still waiting on Hyojong and HyunA.

What do you think this means?


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