Super Junior Heechul has opened up about leading a relatively controversy-free career!

On September 16 episode of Channel A’s “Rumor Has It,” Heechul appeared for a short interview, he discussed a couple of subjects ranging from his hair styles throughout the years, to his new variety show fixed appearances and his scandal-free career.

The interviewer asked him about how he was able to promote without any major incidents or controversy throughout his career, Heechul has been active for over 15 years already.

Heechul wittingly responded,

“Isn’t that normal? Being active without controversy is normal. I think its because of many nonsense incidents that happen among celebrities that people like me and Hong Ki get attract attention [for not having any].

It’s a matter of course, but it’s trivial that I am being praised for a simple thing. Continue praising me in the future too.”

What do you think of what he said? Do you agree with him?

You can enjoy snippets of his interview below: