Here Is Why Red Velvet Irene Instagram Account Got Flagged And Removed Shortly After She Opened It

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Red Velvet Irene caused a huge commotion when she opened her Instagram account!

Until September 18, only three Red Velvet members had their own individual Instagram accounts, Joy, Yeri, and Seulgi. Fans were still waiting for the day Irene and Wendy get their own.

So when Irene finally opened her personal Instagram account on September 18, ReVeluv went wild. Her name even appeared on twitter worldwide trends as a result. Fans flocked to follow @renebaebae. Soon after that, Instagram flagged that account and shut it down.

Instagram strictly monitors accounts and any account that shows unusual activity such as acquiring so many followers in a short span of time is enough to get that account shut down completely. Instagram algorithm points these accounts and flags them.

This is what happened to Irene’s personal account and it even took a while before she was able to get a hold of it again. As of September 21 KST, Irene’s personal account was back up and running.

For her first post, she shared a video of her shadow skipping a road. Seulgi even commented on the post.

Check out her first post below:


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