(G)I-DLE’s Small Waiting Room In Comparison With Other Groups On Mnet’s Show “Queendom” Gains Attention


Mnet’s Show “Queendom” is enjoying popularity domestically and overseas, fans are enjoying the friendly competition between old and new Kpop groups.

A recent community post on Nate has been gaining lots of attention, its attracting different reactions from people.

The waiting rooms of the competing groups were shown throughout the show and fans noticed how (G)I-DLE’s waiting room was a lot smaller in comparison to other Kpop groups.

Some people argue that (G)I-DLE should be given a bigger room, they’re a six-member group, other smaller member girl groups got bigger rooms. However, other netizens point out that a lot of people might not be aware that the rooms were given to the idol groups based on their seniority in the industry. (G)I-DLE is the youngest group of the bunch on the show.

Check out the photos below:

What do you think of this? Do you think (G)I-DLE deserve a bigger room?

My Personal Thoughts

Park Bom debuted with her group in 2009, AOA Debuted in 2012, MAMAMOO debuted in June 2014, Lovelyz debuted in November 2014, Oh My Girl debuted in 2015, and last but not least (G)I-DLE debuted in 2018.

It might be a bit sad but it doesn’t make any sense to give (G)I-DLE a bigger room and give their original small room to a sunbae group, there is 3 years difference between them and Oh My Girl. In the Kpop industry, seniority is very important, even if Bom gets the bigger room, it would be very embarrassing to give her a smaller room while her hoobaes take a bigger room.

One comment on the viral community post also talked about how these rooms were originally designed in that building, it’s not like Mnet can just restructure the building to accommodate everyone.

While I’d love to see (G)I-DLE get a bigger room because where would their staff go? But at the same time I understand the choice of rooms.


  1. They probably give the room base on seniority.
    You know Korea is about respect someone older and senior.
    For them seniority is more important than popularity.
    They should be fair but it more weird if they give the senior the small room.
    Some of (G) -idle stans said they should give the small room to Mamamoo, AOA, Bom and even Lovelyz(idk why they said lovelyz because they have 8 members? Some said because they the least popular among the participate group)


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