We didn’t know that Ji Chang Wook and EXO Chanyeol were close!

Ji Chang Wook is currently gearing up for his grand drama return; it’ll be his first project following his military discharge.

He’s been sharing video teasers of his upcoming drama to his massive instagram following. He also occasionally shares snippets of backstage filming as well getting his fans excited about his return.

He recently shared another video teaser of “Melting Me Softly,” EXO Chanyeol saw this and had the cutest most relatable reaction, he wrote,

“Wow… hyung you’re really handsome.”

Ji Chang Wook saw his comment and couldn’t help but compliment him back as well, he said,

“You’re more handsome.. hahaha”

Fans are surprised to learn about their friendship but would certainly love to see more of it in the near future.