Despite Her Health Concerns, TWICE Mina Shines In New Teaser For Her Group Comeback

JYP has dropped another teaser and its none other than THE Mina!

Previously, it was revealed that Mina was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, her agency told news oultets that her participation in future activities with her group will be highly dependent on her condition and discussions with her fellow TWICE members.

It seems that they had reached an agreement, TWICE Mina is the next member to appear for her group’s comeback video teasers. On September 14 at 12:00 am. KST, TWICE dropped Mina’s teaser video.

TWICE is set to come back on the 23rd of September, however, JYP didn’t confirm whether Mina will be participating in her group’s activities or not.

Previous reports released on August 29 claimed that she indeed participated in the filming of her group comeback MV, JYP stated,

“We’re unable to confirm such a report at this time. We will release an official statement at the right time.”

Check out her teaser video below. Are you excited to see her come back with her group?

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