BTS Still Filmed Content While On Vacation? Big Hit Shares Surprising News

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It seems like BTS filmed some of their vacation time to their fans!

On October 1 KST, Big Hit shared a schedule for “BTS Vacation LOG.”

This is about BTS first extended official vacation since their debut. The boys took a break in August and it lasted for a month before they went back to work. It seems that BTS members were filmed during their vacation time and the footage will be shared with ARMY.

Big Hit tweet says it’ll be about BTS’s special daily life that they wanted to show ARMY. The schedule includes: Suga’s fishing vlog out on October 2, J-Hope’s “very important business” vlog which is about his hit collaboration “Chicken Noodle Soup” with Becky G on October 3, RM’s nine-day Europe trip with his friend [featuring an art museum tour] on October 4, Jin’s fishing vlog on October 7, V’s vacation featuring his dog Yeontan and trips to the ocean and internet cafe on October 9, Jimin’s vlog of his adventures in Paris and Hawaii on October 10, and Jungkook’s workout session on October 11.

It seems that the vlogs will air on BangtanTV but it has not been confirmed yet, the platform is still unknown.

What do you think of this? Excited about the upcoming vlogs?

My Personal Thoughts

Aside from everything else, you just gotta admit Big Hit can do marketing well, they have a great team that makes sure their image stays clean and ARMY think highly of them which translates to better sales.

When I think of vacation for a group that worked so hard for 6 years without sufficient rest I don’t add cameras to the mix or tell the members to shoot content, and even if they wanted, I would tell them to rest well and forget about it.

I also highly doubt the members (logically speaking) would still want cameras with them/following them on their supposedly first extended vacation. They provide enough content for ARMY already.

Even when on vacation the boys still carry cameras and/or are being filmed. I can’t believe Big Hit called it a ‘vacation,’ when you’re on camera there is a certain responsibility and persona you follow, it also comes with its own set of restrictions. Besides, filming requires concentration; it’s not a vacation if you have to continuously talk to the camera to tell people about how happy you are while on vacation.

Even if the content turns out to be ‘free’ I still don’t like the idea and feel sorry for the members, if the agency really cares about them as humans, one month of rest would be just that, no need for cameras, cameras have been shoved in their faces for over 6 years now, give it a rest!

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