BTS Jungkook Fan Yells At Him In Front Of Everybody Demanding He Cut His Hair


Some fans are just not happy with Jungkook’s long hair!

BTS Jungkook has been making headlines for his long hair for a while now. Some fans love the style while others not so much. However, one particular fan took it to the extreme to express her frustration with Jungkook’s hair.

Recently, BTS Jungkook and the rest of his group departed Incheon Airport for overseas schedules. One particular video went viral; it generated negative reactions from ARMY.

While BTS members were making their way through the crowd, one particular fan yelled out,

“Jeon Jungkook, cut your hair!”

ARMY were not happy to see the video, many criticized that fan for being too obsessive and for overstepping their boundaries. Regardless of your opinion of your favorite idol style in general, it’s not up to you to decide what they do with their bodies.

Many fans can’t believe this is a real fan; many are calling her a sasaeng or an anti for attempting to control Jungkook’s life and body. Others report that they also heard her asking him to get rid of his tattoos,

“Jeon Jungkook tattoos!!!”

Netizens also heavily criticized that ‘fan’ and cursed at her calling her ‘crazy’ and ‘obsessive,’ many are also calling for Big Hit to ban her from future BTS events.

Check out the video below:

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What do you think of this?


  1. I need a talk with this “fan”. This”fan” needs to sit her ass down and chill because if she dont she’s going to catch these hands, and not only mine but all Army. She can’t be telling him what to do when it’s his body and he can do whatever he wants with his body. This fake “fan” is being obsessive.

  2. I don’t understand how army’s/fans are anymore,one minute I LOVE JK,I’M SO HAPPY FOR JK,then bam WHY he did this,WHY he did thathe’s a GROWN man an an YES he can make GROWN man decisions. Like who he see,what he does in his spare time,GROWING his hair duh!
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but sometimes it should be kept to yourself.

  3. Well who ever the bitch is better start respecting you don’t pay his bills you don’t do shit for him! So their for you can’t tell a grown man how to act or do or control him because your body special your just a normal person and is to crazy and demanding when you don’t own him and your not his wife or gf so your opinion shouldn’t matter bts is here to make us happy they do alot and they appciate the fans bit they won’t let fans control them theirs a limit to everything so don’t be hating if you don’t understand who ever you are cool your shit down or we will cool you ass down sweetie this is reality check time! Stop acting like a drama queen we all are different and we do things differently so for a fan to tell a grown man or a idol they must check them selves first before coming up to idols telling them about themselves when they should look at their ass and see them selves like for example say if the crazy fan had a bf…tell your bf to change and see if he don’t check your ass in you think your big and bad honey you haven’t met your match when you do ….your gonna regret what you did to jk.. because it’s uncalled for girl

  4. If I was you and I seen you call me out…well me and you gonna have issues I’ll handle my business with action and crack your shit I don’t care who you are or where you are respect is earned and given and you don’t get that. BTS is does alot to please their fans and stuff but don’t be telling grown up people what to do if I said to you I don’t like your top or your face and I think your fucking ugly as fuck! You would get mad right and wanna fight…but who started it first you because you talk shit and don’t back it up and when they bring it up yous run away like pussys

  5. He has the right to choose what looks he wants… Don’t demands anything to him… Any styles is suit to him and he still Jungkook after all… I love him as my baby/ little bro so please stop… I will support you always, we will support you always Our Golden Maknae… Saranghae JUNGKOOK.. Borahae

  6. Actually I am one of them who want him to cut his hair. But I am not forcing. It’s his own preference. Army, I am not any saeseng or something. I am a huge army and BTS is my heart and they are the reason I wanna live. But it’s his wish. Btw, it’s not right to say someone a fake army without knowing them . Please stop saying her saeseng. You don’t know her in real life. She might be a real army. If there was less crowd, she might not shout. I hope you understood and also

  7. Every human has their own freedom to do they things they want to do now days singers n actorss are all dying because of a stupid hurtful comment by their own kind can ur guys imagine human kill the person they love the most if so call ur say ur love jungkook ur should be by his side n support him even if I am jungkook I won be bothering some stupid devil comment please Learn guys

  8. How she can be army…..its their life ..we can’t control their life as our opinion shut the hell up …
    real army always support and love bts and
    jungkook …till the end…I purple you jungkook…you look so great in long hair..

  9. She should’ve respected his privacy and personal life it is like she can’t tell him what to do. Jungkook is a human being for goodness sake, so we should also respect his choices and the decisions that he makes for himself, company, bandmates, and also army as well!!!!!!!

  10. You all need to grow up he is a man and has every right to a life of his choices, who in the world do you think your are, you do not own him, he is a KPOP star who gives a loving FRIENDSHIP not OWNERSHIP. some of you need to get back into the real world and get a life and just enjoy a good friendship nothing more. Be a.friend not a Dictator!!

  11. I’m still angry that fake fans like her goes out of her way to be selfish… first of all bitch you do not own JK or any of BTS whatever choices they make us none of your business honey, why can’t you respect JK’s decision to have long hair and have tattoos? I may not be a fan of tattoos but I sure do respect his decision in getting one because it’s his choice and his body not my body but his body… so this bitch better watch out next time because next we won’t have any mercy if tries to control BTS

  12. Army’s and Fans, dont over exaggerate, It’s just Hair and his hair he can style it by himself or by anyone and he can choose how he wants it….
    he oens himself and not anyone else but him… Hes only a HUMAN, You should at least be happy that hes a human and he lives like others, he also has struggles… Respect Him and BE KIND TO EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD.. DONT RVEN DARE TO SWEAR AT ANYONE IN THIS WORLD INCLUDING IF YOU THINK YOU DONT KNOW THAT PERSON…

  13. He look good in anyway. I know Jk Is having a hard time facing those kind of fans, please stop being so selfish be happy because he makes us all happy. STAY STRONG JUNGKOOK

  14. tbh her saying that is not ok because for you to say that to a grown man and an idol for a fact if you dont like your favorite idol hair please say it nice be like “your hair does not match your skin tone or your long hair doesin really match your outfit but i love you and will always support you”


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