BTS Jin Might Be A Worldwide Idol Star But That Doesn’t Mean His Aunt Won’t Give Him THIS


BTS Jin had the cutest story to share about his recent visit to his aunt, a story that will warm your heart!

On September 14, BTS Jin held a V Live session; he interacted with fans and told stories from his break time. He talked about spending five days and four nights playing on his computer, he said he felt embarrassed doing that.

South Korea also recently celebrated Chuseok, during the holiday, family members gather to spend the holiday together and usually the elders give out allowance to the younger children.

Jin shared,

“My aunt and other people there my age were there. My aunt started to give pocket money to all the nieces and nephews…. ‘here you go,’ ‘this is for you,’ she even gave my brother some.

She looked at me and said, ‘alright, here is some for you too.’ she gave me some allowance. I was so thankful, thank you aunt.”

He also added that he will cherish it and won’t spend it away easily,

“I kept it with my phone. I won’t spend it. I will keep it for MapleStory cash later on. Thank You.”

Netizens couldn’t help but comment on how cute the entire story is and praised the aunt for giving Jin allowance despite the fact that he literally owns millions of dollars.

You can watch the full V Live here.

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