BTS Jimin Takes Off His Shirt In This Mini Booth Photoshoot, ARMY Can’t Get Enough


BTS Jimin has, again, melted fans hearts!

On September 11, BTS Jimin blessed fans with a mini booth photo shoot. He posted the photos to his twitter account. As you’d expected, fans couldn’t handle the sexy cute concept Jimin was going for. The photos gave fans who’ve been missing Jimin something to be thankful for.

Jimin is currently enjoying his vacation and fans believe he’s taken these photos while on vacation. The three strips all tell different stories and Jimin has three drastically different moods in each one of them.

He also recently posted a video celebrating RM’s birthday on September 12. In the video, he wishes RM a happy birthday and apologizes for not being there to celebrate his birthday with him, he also tells him he loves him a lot, he captioned the sweet video with,

“Happy birthday hyung, sorry for being late. Please read my text.”



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