BTS Departs To An Undisclosed Location As Big Hit Announces Their Vacation Is Over

BTS vacation is over!

On September 16, a source from Big Hit told news outlets that the group’s official period of rest is over and that they’re flying out today for a scheduled activity, the purpose and destination of their trip was not disclosed to the public.

Reporters and fans were already waiting at the airport, when BTS members showed up; the cameras followed them as they entered the airport. Some members were carrying portable cameras in their hands which could be for a vlog style clip they intend to release later on.

The members have been resting for well over a month, it was their first official rest period since they debuted. BTS members travelled around and updated fans every once and a while.

To celebrate their return, ARMY trended #BTSisBack on twitter, it topped worldwide trends and is currently sitting at number four as of this writing.

The boys are set to resume their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” tour soon with a performance at King Fahd International Stadium in Saudi Arabia on October 11.

Check out the video of their departure from the airport below:

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