BLACKPINK Lisa Breaks Down In Tears Seeing THIS Fans Appreciation Project


BLACKPINK Lisa cried tears of joy seeing just how much fans love her!

BLACKPINK Lisa had fan meeting events with Moonshot recently, fans decided to organize a couple of small events to show her just how much they love and appreciate her.

During the second day of the Moonshot event BLINKs organized a special video for Lisa that includes a part where they express their love and appreciation to her with a Thai song. Lisa couldn’t help but tear up watching the video and reading those messages.

Some of the fans’ messages were about how Lisa inspires them and as you’d expect she got emotional reading them.

She then took to the center of the stage to express her gratitude to fans who prepared this project for her.

Check out videos of the event below:

BLINKs all around the world expressed how happy they are to see that so many fans love and appreciate Lisa.

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What do you think of such fan-projects?


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