There are still seats left for mega girl group BLACKPINK fan meetings in Seoul!

Previously, it was reported that BLACKPINK was struggling to sell tickets for their fan meeting “BLACKPINK 2019 Private Stage [Chapter 1]” scheduled to be held on September 21st.

There will be two fan meetings one at 1PM KST and 6PM KST at Olympic Hall, Seoul, South Korea. The venue where the event is being held is considered pretty small and reserved for smaller events and fan meetings. The hall has a capacity of 2,432.

In a recent post on Pann, a netizen pointed out that there are still many tickets left for the fan meeting which is only a couple of days away.

To give perspective, the fan club was able to start buying tickets on August 20 at 8PM KST, while General public was able to buy ticket on August 22 and August 23. The tickets have been on sale for a little less than a month now.

As of this writing, for the 1st fan meeting there are 34 VIP seats left and 315 Regular seats left. For the 2nd fan meeting: there is 335 Regular seats left. You can have a look at the data here.

For a group as big as BLACKPINK many fans thought that they would immediately sell out the tickets for these small more-personal fan meetings. For any popular idol group, such fan meetings usually immediately sell out.

Some netizens blamed the ticket pricing, the VIP tickets are selling for about $90, others justified the tickets price since the fan meeting offers an intimate more personal experience with BLACKPINK. Some fans would pay a lot to get their hands on such type of tickets.

Others pointed out that some fans are boycotting YG for their recent scandals which are also taking a toll on BLACKPINK. Regardless, it remains a shocking fact that BLACKPINK hasn’t sold out their fan meeting tickets yet.

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What do you think of this issue? Why do you think there are many tickets left?