BLACKPINK Continue To Struggle Selling Less Than 3000 Seats For Their Korean Fan Meetings

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There are still seats left for mega girl group BLACKPINK fan meetings in Seoul!

Previously, it was reported that BLACKPINK was struggling to sell tickets for their fan meeting “BLACKPINK 2019 Private Stage [Chapter 1]” scheduled to be held on September 21st.

There will be two fan meetings one at 1PM KST and 6PM KST at Olympic Hall, Seoul, South Korea. The venue where the event is being held is considered pretty small and reserved for smaller events and fan meetings. The hall has a capacity of 2,432.

In a recent post on Pann, a netizen pointed out that there are still many tickets left for the fan meeting which is only a couple of days away.

To give perspective, the fan club was able to start buying tickets on August 20 at 8PM KST, while General public was able to buy ticket on August 22 and August 23. The tickets have been on sale for a little less than a month now.

As of this writing, for the 1st fan meeting there are 34 VIP seats left and 315 Regular seats left. For the 2nd fan meeting: there is 335 Regular seats left. You can have a look at the data here.

For a group as big as BLACKPINK many fans thought that they would immediately sell out the tickets for these small more-personal fan meetings. For any popular idol group, such fan meetings usually immediately sell out.

Some netizens blamed the ticket pricing, the VIP tickets are selling for about $90, others justified the tickets price since the fan meeting offers an intimate more personal experience with BLACKPINK. Some fans would pay a lot to get their hands on such type of tickets.

Others pointed out that some fans are boycotting YG for their recent scandals which are also taking a toll on BLACKPINK. Regardless, it remains a shocking fact that BLACKPINK hasn’t sold out their fan meeting tickets yet.

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What do you think of this issue? Why do you think there are many tickets left?

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        1. if ur opinion consist on swearing on other people then don’t post this kind of comment, keep it to ur self. as a blink ya suppose to support them, ya probably making it harder for them to sell out. it’s true that they have amazing voices, and are very talented, ive heard their voice in jyp party people. but u still don’t have a reason to swear like that.

  1. I saw so many Korean Magazine who talked about this… We ALL know BlackPink is not appreciate as Twice or Red Velvet in Korea (so from K-netizens). 98% of BLINKs (like me) are international fans, so it’s normal if there are again available seats in Seoul.
    Peace & Love, cuz we know BlackPink rule the world anyway

      1. I don’t know why they are so famous. I’ve listened to their songs but their songs are just like eachother, like MOMOLAND. As for their skills, I admit Jisoo is an amazing singer, Lisa is a queen for dancing and Rose hits the high notes very well and for Jennie(pff) sorry but I don’t know what she is famous for! She’s lazy in dancing, blaming it on her motion sickness or whatsoever, she raps at normal speed, her voice is not that special but still gets special treatment. Rose still can’t control her voice while dancing and should work on her breathing. As for their choreography, Bombayah nailed it! However after that I didn’t see anything special! As for their songs and lyrics, pretty similar to eachother ( I can always feel dudududu song rytheme in their songs). Sorry for my poor dictation I’m not a native 🙂

    1. Excuses excuses blah blah if they rule the world then why can’t they sold out this SMALL ASS fan meeting LOL u should have thought about ur comment first ….

      1. Yeah right.. no wonder their concerts are sold out internationally not only in US but in Europe as well.. Australia also you see that’s the problem international fans appreciate them more.. because WE see they have talent.. so I’m sorry if our girls outshine your bias group even international artist acknowledge them so no need to be bitter go put a tampon on it gosh take your bitter ass somewhere and scram we don’t need your negative vibes

    1. Up till now, they are definitely overrated.
      Not blaming the artists, cx they have great potential, but it’s the company that’s not opening up the opportunity to utilize the artists’ abilities well. And help them to extend their talent rather than just the fanbase internationally.
      Rather than working so hard to promote the group as they are now with the few songs that basically offer little to no variety, YG should work with the members to maybe offer some diversity and polish the skills of each member.
      So yes, as of now, they are overrated. Very overrated.
      But I’m sure they can grow even more in popularity and rightfully so, if YG and the artists can counter in critisizms seriously and Blinks can raise these concerns to encourage BP to improve on it, rather than blindly idolizing them for their visuals and repetitive patterns in song production.
      Fans appreciating their talent as it is now but encouraging for improvement in a respective manner can go a long way and will be much more useful for an artist in the long term.

  2. I agree, because they weren’t marketed well to their home crowd. If, from the beginning, they were trained and allowed to appear on variety shows more often, their local fanbase would’ve been much larger. Plus, they are basically carrying YG at this point, given the whiplash from the whole YG thing.

    1. im glad koreans know better, bp is overrated, its not about the yg scandal becoz scandals in korea are everywhere. koreans know blackpink just average in beauty and talent. so many kpop groups but international fans only know bp and some other few

  3. They be blaming blackpink for the scandals…like they didn’t do anything but I’m sure they’ll get through it their a strong group. Blackpink fighting!!!

      1. Can you all STFU!! Blackpink is huge here in Korea!! We Korean Blinks love our girls and support them. Do i have to mention it is only their 2nd year. They held one concert here, and they toured the world. I blame the poor marketing. Just cause the seats aren’t sold doesn’t mean they aren’t doing well. Wasn’t easy to pay for those tickets you know. Anyways i shall see our girls tomorrow!! Blackpink it’s the revolution!!

    1. I am Korean and it is true we do not usually listen to kpop and blackpink is not heard in here what people know and listen the most right now is BTS , EXO and twice because I think they are really so popular and help spread Korean language

  4. Why would we go to the same concert? Just because it has a new name doesn’t mean crap. They need to work more and drop new songs or maybe hmmm “an album”

  5. Lol accept it they are not popular in Korea and they have international fans who only listen to them once or twice and follow them on ig because of their fashion and literally no one cares that they are singer (like who would, they only have 8 to 10 trash songs with autotune) they only like them as fashion icon and models

    1. You are one angry person. They work hard to achieve what they have. We love their songs too. Because of people like you loop artist commit suicide. The girls are humans too, let’s hope they don’t see your evil comment.

    2. Woah, you’re very haste on generalizing there. It seems your pretty biased and what you said about them says it all. Is that how you evaluate? Based on your subjectivity? Dude, you won’t get anywhere with that mindset.

  6. This is expected. Remember BTS was more popular overseas and exo dominated Korea. Now since they’ve won awards and done amazing things Korea has definitely hopped on the BTS train extra late.
    So we just have to wait to see how popular they get. We all know Koreans were not too fond of Blackpink to begin with.

    1. what’s the correlation here..just accept this girl famous thanks to YG..they not even big in m
      korea,japan or US just in Thailand thanks to lisa

  7. We are international Blinks.We are always stand Blackpink.BLACKPINK never neglect kblinks but kblinks neglect on BLACKPINK.ALL IS WELL BLACKPINK.

  8. I dont like BP but love 2ne1 they are the best YG girl group even though they are disbanded. BP when you see them on stage their performance more on the sexiness. 2ne1 with charisma .. i can tell that i respect this ladies for being the bedt performer. Just saying

  9. heard that bp fans mostly are not from not even surprised at this moment on what happened to them..but if they really famous internationally..why their ticket concert
    not sold out 100%..if tgey sold out the concert..the capacity seat that they open just 8k over 21k seat ( the actual capacity swat for that venue)
    ..and their album selling not even more than 500k compare to twice..are they really famous bcs of their company play their name so much?

  10. don’t compare bts with bp..why? this girl comes from silver spoon company just like exo..exo big in korea before this thanks to SM just like bp..they should thanks to YG..BTS big not bcs of awards but korea just realize that the true talent here is BTS but they can’t see it before this cause they comes from small company..I must say bp success nowadays thanks to YG keep play their name with BTS..

  11. I keep seeing people say they are so popular internationally but they didn’t sell out their concerts in the US. One of the Ft Worth concerts was even cancelled because of very low ticket sales. They even promoted so heavily, going to major TV shows, GMA, Straham and Sara, Late Show with Stephen Cobert, The Late Late show with James Cordon and doing Cochella. Twice did very little promotions, really just their social media, posters on store fronts and word of mouth, but they had no trouble selling out their US concerts.

    Also as pointed out, if they are so popular and have so many more fans than Twice, than why aren’t their album sales reflecting this.

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