BLACKPINK is struggling to sell out a mini fan meeting.

In late August, BLACKPINK announced that they’ll hold “BLACKPINK 2019 Private Stage [Chapter 1]” in Seoul on Saturday, September 21. There will be two fan meetings one at 1PM KST and 6PM KST at Olympic Hall, Seoul, South Korea.

The Olympic Hall is considered a pretty small venue reserved for smaller fan-meetings or more intimate concerts with fans. It’s not difficult to sell seats; the hall has a capacity of 2,432.

However, several netizens noticed that there are still many seats left and were shocked to find that out considering BLACKPINK global popularity, selling around 2400~ tickets shouldn’t be difficult.

The fan club was able to start buying tickets on August 20 at 8PM KST, while General public was able to buy ticket on August 22 and August 23. This means that the sale has been going on for a while now; many expected the girls to sell out on the first day considering their popularity.

For the 1st concert (at 1PM KST) here are the data:

VIP seats: 88K won (312 tickets) , R seats: 77K won (392 tickets)

For the 2nd concert (at 6PM KST) here are the data:

VIP seats: 88K won (22 tickets) , R seats: 77K won (429 tickets)

Everyone started debating about why the tickets sale was so low, it’s becoming a source of concern to many fans. Some netizens pointed out that BLACKPINK don’t have a strong connection with their fandom, one netizen pointed out,

“First of all, it’s prerequisite for a girl group to expand their fandom is that the relationship between fans and idols remain good. I fangirled a bit but there was no connection between us.

The company continues to push only Jennie and the rest of the members also only look at her. To be honest, it appears that Jennie also enjoys being on the top.”

Others point out that YG scandals could have had an effect; some netizens are also boycotting anything YG due to their numerous recent scandals. Some pointed out the fact that they only have 10 songs and have been promoting for a while now.

What do you personally think of this? Why do you think the ticket sale is so low?

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My Personal Thoughts

Wow! This is bad, like really bad! its only 2400 tickets, its not possible that the sale has been going on for more than a week and they still haven’t sold out…

Don’t give me the excuse of ‘that’s a mini concert/ fan meeting,’ dude for the stuff YG claims BLACKPINK can do they should sell out in like a minute or two. Imagine if it’s TWICE or any other well-established group… they would’ve sold out the minute the word got out. If you’re a popular group, such mini fan meetings should sell out immediately.

I have said this before and I will repeat it again, before any Kpop company tries to promote outside of Korea they should really focus on establishing the group’s fan base inside Korea. The American market is very volatile and that’s the truth, one day they could be doing well but it’s difficult to predict the success rate due to numerous factors. Working on South Korea and Japan is the safest choice at the start.

BTS has a solid fan base in both Korea and Japan, when they began expanding to the American market they already had been extremely active domestically for a couple of years. This meant that when they left and focused on the west, their stats and sales in Korea weren’t affected at all.

I understand why YG would push BLACKPINK to the west but they’re doing it all wrong and this is coming from an outsider. While I understand they need to take advantage of how the west views of Kpop changed ‘a bit,’ the problem was that they’re neglecting the Korean market and that will cause major issues down the line.

They need a place to return to if all fails with the American market, solely promoting the girls in the west and not giving them variety show appearances is not doing anyone any favor. During their spring comeback, they barely promoted for 10 days before departing to tour around the world. It’s not far of a stretch to say that they’re neglecting their Korean fan base.

If they keep this up and remain this exclusive and limited in their domestic activities, it’ll be difficult for them to retain fans, those same fans will move on to other idols who show more willingness to participate and be there.