Big Hit Entertainment first girl group since GLAM is coming, very soon!

Big Hit Entertainment and Source music have recently announced their plans for a joint girl group announcing they would be holding global auditions soon.

In a press release on September 4; they revealed that the girl group is planning for a debut in 2021 which is two years from now.

They plan on holding global auditions “PLUS GLOBAL AUDITION” to select members whom they plan on debuting in 2021.

As previously reported, former SM Entertainment creative director Chief Brand Officer Min Hee Jin and Bang Shi Hyuk will work together on the upcoming girl group.

They will hold global auditions in 16 different cities around the world; they have also released posters for the upcoming audition. Take a look below.

Would you like to audition to Big Hit?

My Personal Thoughts

So you’re telling me they plan to debut a girl group in less than two years from now? That doesn’t seem plausible considering how many eyes will be on them.

I thought these trainees would need a longer period of training before they debut… I could be wrong, but they could also be recruiting trainees from other agencies or already have their own trainees, don’t forget we have Source Music who already has trainees, I don’t know if one to two years is enough to debut an entire girl group that everyone will be interested in.

It’s interesting how fast they’re moving with the girl group debut preparations and I don’t blame them. The moment BTS begin enlisting in the military, Big Hit will take a hit *no pun intended*. BTS makes up for all of their profit so far and TXT’s debut wasn’t as big of a success in South Korea as many would have liked it to be.

I believe that they’ll probably create sub-units and help BTS members venture out but they’ll also focus on the new generation so its understandable the time frame they’re trying to aim for.

It’ll be interesting to see if they follow through with the debut date.