“Arthdal Chronicles” Scores Lackluster Ratings With Its Highly Anticipated Part 3 Return

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tvN “Arthdal Chronicles” is back with its 3rd and last part!

On September 7, “Arthdal Chronicles” aired its highly anticipated 13 episode which marks the series return after the conclusion of “Hotel Del Luna.”

According to Nielsen Korea, episode 13 of “Arthdal Chronicles” rated an average of 6.1% nationwide and an average of 6.8% in Seoul area. While it’s not the series worst performing numbers many expected the series to perform better. Its worst rated episode was its 9th episode which scored an average of 5.76% (nationwide).

This is considered very disappointing considering the fact that it took over “Hotel Del Luna” spot which enjoyed great ratings, its final episode which aired last week at the same time slot scored an average of 12% nationwide.

“Arthdal Chronicles” Part 3 titled “The Prelude To All Legends” has a total of 6 episodes and will conclude its run on September 22.

Have you watched episode 13 yet? do you think the ratings do the drama justice?

My Personal Thoughts

“Arthdal Chronicles” ratings numbers have always intrigued me; it’s been a while since I’ve seen a drama that was projected to do well do this poorly despite its immense marketing, budget and A-list cast.

This in no way means that I find the drama boring. I think a bunch of factors contributed to its lackluster numbers and I have previously talked about it, you can read it here.

I had my doubts but I didn’t talk about it and waited for the 3rd part to air mainly because I wanted to be sure of what I said. One of the biggest mistakes tvN made was delaying part 3 and they either already know this or will find out soon. For starters, the drama wasn’t doing that great.

If interest in your drama isn’t great, giving it a rest and resuming a couple of months later will only diminish interest in it even more. People will forget about it and move on to the next shiny thing.

I do understand the decision, the drama took about a year to film fully and they needed time editing but the calculations of when to air this drama was entirely off. They should’ve waited for the entire series to conclude editing before airing. When you’re rushed, you don’t produce great results especially with something as big as this.

In my opinion, if you’re paying $40 million to make this series then perfect it and air it, or else you’re just stressing out everybody.

While I know that international fans find it interesting, I felt that it could’ve been bigger. It’s sad that it’s not doing as well as people would’ve wanted.

I expect tonight’s episode rating to be slightly better but if it turns out to be worse, I think it’ll continuously do worse from now on. Let’s wait and see how it turns out.

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. The series is lackluster because it confuses the Korean audience of its time period. The range is between 5-7% ratings. Now clearly that is ok for cable but a mediocre tv ratings not good enough with the price tag of almost 50 million dollar production being spent on this drama. The most expensive kdrama in TVN’s history.

    Doctor John even beat this drama to a pulp in ratings game on Saturday. A stark contrast with Hotel Del Luna that dominated primetime shows public & cable broadcasts in its time slot for 8 weeks.

    This show will even have a harder time with the ratings as SBS will release their highly anticipated show of the year Vagabond after Doctor John. So that Saturday ratings will be a blood bath

  2. I like Arthdal Chronicles. It is not focused so much on the romance but on the struggle of the Wahan tribe to gain a foothold in a world that has made their innocence a weakness.
    Differences are exploited and targeted for enslavement or annihilation.
    As for the ratings, I hope that does not make the production team focus on trying to gain the audience by creating over the top ridiculous moments that distract from telling a good story.
    Kdramas are known DRAMA but if you tell a good story people will remember it for years to come.
    Production team should just focus on telling a good story.

  3. It’s better than games of thrones we in London love this something new, Korean drama is more about same story and history. But this is something new . And people wait for good stuff. One kind of human species is disappearing that gives you lots of food for brain to think about wars and peace time. Very well produced and directed.

  4. I don’t understand how Korean’s do not like this. For me personally, it’s much more better than hotel del luna which was also really good but had lots of boring moments and time fillers but Arthdal chronicles is not focused on the romance part which I think Its the genre korean’s like, they are obviously not ready for genres like Arthdal chronicles and for those saying they tried to copy GOT, I don’t see in any way they are both similar except like the background, dressing etc but in terms of storyline, they are not anywhere similar.Also, part 3 of this drama is the best part, I loved it from start to finish unlike the other parts where some scenes just too much talk. Finally, kudos to the overall cast, directors and producers for a wonderful drama.

  5. I don’t care of Koreans don’t like it, but the rest of the world actually liked it. I’ve been waiting for the part 3 and it’s worthwhile. I’m tired of watching roamance kdramas which is always in love triangle yada yada yada. But Arthdal is one of the best out there!!

  6. My daughters and I loved this. It’s so beautifully done and the characters pulled us in so much that we’re even attached to the villains. We’re desperately hoping for a final season.

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