“Arthdal Chronicles” Records Its Lowest Most Disappointing Rating To Date With Its Recent Episode


“Arthdal Chronicles” was hit hard with the Chuseok holiday!

South Korea celebrated Chuseok holiday this weekend. Due to the holiday many programs either delayed their recent episodes or canceled this week’s episodes.

Despite many programs not airing as usual, tvN decided to go ahead and air the 15th episode of “Arthdal Chronicles.”

According to Nielsen Korea, its 15 episode which aired on September 14 recorded an average of 4.8% nationwide and 5.4% in the Seoul area. It’s the lowest for the series so far.

With its last episodes airing next week, fans are shocked to see the numbers. “Arthdal Chronicles” was hit hard by the Chuseok holiday unlike its other contenders.

The hit drama “Mother of Mine” which airs one hour before “Arthdal Chronicles” only saw a slight decrease in ratings. “Arthdal Chronicles” suffered the strongest blow to its ratings among its contenders.

Usually, “Arthdal Chronicles” does better with its Sunday episode so fans are waiting for tonight’s episode to see if the ratings will pick up.

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What do you think of the numbers? Were you shocked?

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