ARMY Think They Finally Found Out The Reason For J-Hope’s Secret LA Trip, A Becky G Collab?

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Is a BTS-Becky G collab coming soon?

During BTS break, ARMY became curious when they saw photos of J-hope departing to LA for a business trip, the reason for it remains unknown, until today, possibly.

UPDATE: BTS J-Hope And Becky G Confirm Upcoming Collaboration Track Details

On September 26, American singer/song-writer Becky G tweeted this,

BTS official twitter account then retweeted her tweet and added,

She then noted their response and retweeted with more *secretive* emojis and the hashtag #CNS.

As you’d expect, ARMY started panicking at the possibility of a collab between the two, many linked J-Hope secret LA trip to a Becky G collab. Becky G had also previously hinted at a possible BTS collaboration during an interview with iHeartRadio’s 103.5 KTU. She didn’t elaborate but fans became curious since then.

Although, nothing has been confirmed by Big Hit so far, fans are excited about the possible collab.

Fans were so excited that they trended many hashtags on twitter worldwide trends, Hobi, Becky G, CNS and Hoseok.

What do you think this means? and are you excited for the possible collab?

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