Some antis just can’t stop trying to instigate rumors of bad blood between Jennie and CL!

A couple of days ago, BLACKPINK Jennie had the pleasure of meeting her idol Rihanna at the after party of her makeup brand FENTY Beauty in Seoul.

Rihanna flew over to South Korea to hold an event about her famous makeup brand.

It is well known that BLACKPINK Jennie idolized Rihanna. Jennie had previously named her as her No.1 girl crush previously. This is why many fans were over the moon when they saw photos and videos of them together.

CL had also shared a cute exchange with Rihanna to her instagram account after her event. She shared a screenshot of her convo with Rihanna, Rihanna told CL that she missed her and that she had a blast. CL even called her ‘unnie.’

Due to CL’s busy schedule, she wasn’t able to attend the after-party.

However, some antis claim that CL shared this screenshot after seeing Jennie’s picture with Rihanna and that CL is an attention seeker who’s trying to rival Jennie.

Here are some of their tweets below:

Some claim that she’s trying to rival Jennie who rose to be the top girl of YG Entertainment replacing CL’s position and that she’s jealous. Some even argue that it’s not okay for CL to post these screenshots since they’re private conversations.

However, soon 2NE1 fans corrected those antis. In case you didn’t know CL has been friends with Rihanna for a long time. She even sent her presents before, they are close enough and it’s very clear from the way Rihanna addresses and messages CL.

Many people jumped to defend CL who’s being attacked for posting this screenshot.

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What do you think of these people who are trying to create drama between CL and Jennie?