AKMU Addresses Fans Worries And Requests To Leave YG Entertainment

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AKMU has finally made their grand return!

On September 25, AKMU held a listening session for their third album “Sailing,” this marks their first comeback since Lee Chan Hyuk was discharged from the military in May, and it’s also Lee Soo Hyun’s first since she entered her twenties.

Since early 2019, YG Entertainment has been embroiled in many controversies. The topic of AKMU contract length came into question, many fans were extremely worried about their image, and many others requested the group leave the agency.

When AKMU was asked about this, they said,

“We understand what our fans are worried about. But the people we worked with are great people. We stayed up all night for days happily working on this album; we want to spend a little more time focusing on being happy [in the moment] and bringing in good results.”

AKMU also responded to statements about why they joined a big agency like YG entertainment, they said,

“We are doing whatever we want to do at the company. This album cover was also made through a friend. A lot of our opinions are reflected in our work, and the company provides support.”

AKMU recently made their comeback with “How can I love the heartbreak, you’re the one I love” on September 25 at 6 p.m. KST.

What do you think of their answers? Would you like them to remain in YG?

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  1. It seems many idiots are in the belief that the company is made up of one man, its many people working together. If this company fails because too many idiots out there suggesting stupid things, you’re putting alot of people out of work. So do something thinking before you type something.

  2. Dont hate the yg artists, that’s not their faults! Kudos to all the talents of yg artists. Don’t speak harsh to them! They’re also human same as you.

  3. I think fans should not be worried about the agency they belong, whats important that AKMU are happy and enjoying producing beautiful/amazing songs, as they said they work with amazing people in their agency in which the songs they wanted to write we’re meet while working on those people and they we’re happy working with them. We should keep supporting AKMU and should not be worried about the agency, it’s not about the agency we’re supporting but it’s the artist AKMU that were supporting.

  4. Yes I would still like to become YG Family and stay with YG after all they have done, they not bad, just 2 or 3 person only is the problem, don’t blame the whole YG entertainment

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