After Indian Artist ‘Beats’ BTS Worldwide Record Using Paid Ads, YouTube Changes Views Calculating Methods

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YouTube has announced changes to the method they use to calculate views in the first 24 hours upon release.

A couple of months ago, Indian artist Badshah reportedly broke BTS’s YouTube record, the record of having the most views in the first 24 hours. His MV for ‘Paagal’ recorded 75 million views, BTS MV ‘Boy with Luv’ recorded 74.6 million views.

Despite the huge milestone, fans and spectators alike brought into question whether those views were legitimate. YouTube actions also raised suspicion because unlike how they usually celebrated previous record breakers, this time they stayed silent.

Many had seen ‘Paagal’ MV in various places on YouTube; the artist company was using paid ads. This led to the MV gaining millions of views through paid ads.

To explain it better, anyone can pay to TrueView, they can have their content auto-play before a video. If that user interacts with the ad or watches it for a certain number of seconds, then it counts as a legitimate ‘view’ on the original YouTube video source.

Badshah personally admitted to using paid promotion tools to achieve that YouTube record and argued,

“What some people call fake views are not fake views… they are google ad words.

You think artists abroad don’t get paid promotions? Are you so naive? I don’t want to be the one with the highest views, but someone has to be. I tried and I did it. Get over it.”

Google adwords is an outdated term, it’s now called TrueView.

Due to the controversy, YouTube has decided to update its policies. In a new blog post titled “Maintaining credibility and consistency on YouTube: Revisions to YouTube Music Charts and 24-hour record debut policy” YouTube explains how the views in the first 24 hours will be calculated from now on.

Here are the most important snippets of their post,

“In an effort to provide more transparency to the industry and align with the policies of official charting companies such as Billboard and Nielsen, we are no longer counting paid advertising views on YouTube in the YouTube Music Charts calculation. Artists will now be ranked based on view counts from organic plays.

Over the last few years, fans, artists, and their teams have touted the number of views a video receives on YouTube within the first 24 hours as the definitive representation of its instant cultural impact. It’s a great honor and one we take very seriously. As we look to maintain consistency and credibility across our platform, we’ve made some necessary revisions to our methodology for reporting 24-hour record debuts.”

They also added,

“Videos eligible for YouTube’s 24-hour record debuts are those with the highest views from organic sources within the first 24 hours of the video’s public release. This includes direct links to the video, search results, external sites that embed the video and YouTube features like the homepage, watch next and Trending.”

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What do you think of this change?

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  1. Bts fans are just plain kiasu. Indians are one of rhe largest population and thats not just the country. Why is it impossible for an indian to beat bts? Dumb I say. And so what if its due to the ads? People dont open the ads but open the original video to view the ads. So kudos to badshah. Thiugh honestly I dont know who hebis lol

    1. Yes India is a very large country but you need to know that Indians also watch BTS videos and BTS is much better than a rapper with a few hits..secondly you really need to work on your typing skills because from the looks of it, you need help. Thirdly, if you think BTS is plain “kiasu” then try typing this exact message on one of the BTS videos, because then armies will you how much BTS has helped us through depression and have have impacted on us unlike badshah

    2. Because BTS fans all not only in India but all over the world. They broke the record because of their huge fandom ! Their fandom is not only in India but in America , Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and in many Western countries!

    3. Whydon’t you just appreciate people for their work?
      What if ur Idol were being bullied by haters,you must be angry right? So Appreciate the other idol and their fans

    4. because his views were fake. the video was an ad that you are forced to watch for 5 seconds. army isn’t mad because someone could possibly beat bts record. army is mad because they worked hard to get those REAL views, with no ads, had view taken by yt but we still made it to the top. again no ads. bts owns that record far and square, and that’s all it’s about.

    5. well the views weren’t fake but they weren’t genuine. people may have watched that video willingly but it wasn’t 75mil worth. and that’s a fact.

      1. Yup you are very very appropriate in saying that one must appreciate others for their achievements but me being an Army Bts fan must say that at the time their MV is released most of the time there views are deleted
        This conspiracy may no others know but we armys can definitely see that!!!
        Anyways Feeling great for your artist!!

    6. Do you really think that the entire 1 billion people in India likes baadshah THAT MUCH than an artist who has won 3 billboard awards and went to Grammy’s. Baadshah has went to zero award shows outside of the country and BTS has attended 3 one of the biggest award shows in the world. Research before you comment.

      1. Yup, agreed… I’m not an ARMY but I really enjoy their music n I’ve seseen how hard they worked so can be at this position… my appreciation for BTS… it’s an objective #fromIndonesia

    7. Well india does has a large population and maybe next time that guy can try and beat bts views using hard work instead of the fake views. I’m an Indian army btw

      1. Baadshah didn’t break BTS record according to google they didn’t count paid views and I am also indian becz of one person(Baadshah) I never say that it’s my country fault. I LOVE BTS they r my life, my whole world and many more important things of my life which I can’t explain. But plez don’t say that it’s my country’s fault or don’t hate my country.Indian ARMY also love BTS that much how other love them.BTS r best, and indain ARMY r always there to protect them

        1. It’s doesn’t matter who break the record cause they are celebraties. Thatswhy there will be high less record. But bts are always top bts forever love always my top celebraties

        2. Well the simple answer is smart is better than hard work dumb ARMY fans . Everyone knows how TrueView works and anyone could have done it . Like that Indian rapper did which is his smartness unlike army who are dumb

    8. OK there was no need to call army names. Some of those views were not genuine but still exist we have a right to dislike the person I’m sorry. And no body ever said that Indian artists can’t be famous.

      1. Its a fact that ehen someone gets fame they get hungry for more. Maybe Badshaah who so ever is also hungry for fame thats why he used paid ads to break that record. Or else if he was geniune he wouldnt mind about the number of views. If he was famous outside of india too he would probably break the record in future. But bts connot be competed with. Does he have any other music vedios with more than a billion views??? If no??? Then this guy is truing his best tricks to gain the popularity. Fake people.

      2. I think bts are mature they know how artists work hard for their music videos. So what Bollywood song beat them but I think its hurt their fans so all I can say that every artists has a right to watch through ads or any related things.

    9. It didn’t even trend in YouTube and you are saying huge population huh. I saw so many Indians saying it was not a gd song and the lyrics sucks.. Bts broked so many records and army’s gained it. So keep your mouth shut.:-)

    10. Apart from population of India, there are many fans(army) of BTS all around the world who gave their idols views on their mv. Still we have to respect everyone’s votes and decisions. But i personally think, BTS got legitimate views which they deserved…LY✌

    11. Of course an Indian artist can break the record. But counting 3 seconds of a video playing as a view makes no sense. Especially considering most Indians hated said song and video and found it embarrassing that THAT song was the “most popular” video from an Indian artist. YouTube has decided to only count the views of people who actually wanted to watch the video, that’s all.

    12. Hahahahhaha…..look who’s the clown here…..baadshah beats bts the BIGGEST BOY BAND ON GROUP who also attended Grammys and won top social artist awards for 3 consecutive days……with fake views and paid ads….WOW BAADSHAH IS TRULY POWERFUL…..I AM AN DAMN INDIAN ….BUT MORE MPORTANT THAN THAT I AM AN ARMY……

    13. Bruh….I’m an Indian too…compared to the whole world population India’s population is less…..stop being illogical…. Boy wuth luv got more views because of us fans,army… Not because of stupid ads….and stop degrading BTS , when you keep complaining and degrading they work hard and keep there level don’t mess with Army

    14. Yes. India is one of the most populated country but that doesnt mean India’s polulation equals to the whole other countries. Badshah might have a fanbase here in India, but remember BTS HAVE SUCH A HUGE AND FAITHFUL FANDOM CALLED ARMY who tirelessly streams their songs. Despite our views being deleted, not once but more than once, not a million but MILLIONS of views, we still streamed and never gave up. Moreover, BTS never have any paid adv or nor anyone forced to watch their mv. So clearly all their views are legit and blood Sweat tears. Don’t say our hard works are for. Nothing.
      Everyone does. Deserves recognition. But it must be through genuine way. It should be truthful.

    15. There are a lot of fans of of bts all over the would if we compare bts fans are more than then entire population ofor India so it is totally unfair for bts and army. I also love badshah but ads do not count.

  2. I like your ambitions but BTS are hard working as any other artist because they are international artist you can’t use harsh word. Morely we should respect every fandoms. You shouldn’t say this as fans may get it in other sense. and we will show the world that we can aquire the highest 24hrs views which ni artist can break, I promise

    1. I totally agree with you. YouTube reduced
      More than 10 million views from the boy with luv MV. So, I don’t think that badshah has that record . Bts is still the king.

    1. Yes, you’re right, they literally took out 10M views from the BTS MV and didn’t took from Badshah, Though I’m Indian I’m an Army of BTS too…. And I support BTS more than any Bollywood thing! Our fandom is big so what, YT did what it want, shame YT

  3. It would have been good if Badshah had beat BTS with a song you could called quality. Those views weren’t even by people but unoriginal and paid. People had to watch that ad with no other option.

  4. BTS used google ads too , i have seen a lot of google of BTS songs especially boy with luv . Badshah is not the only one . So why are these army’s coming onto badshah

    1. My feeds all covered on bts but I’ve never once seen an ad on a mv. I’ve seen some of fancams, but never a video? The only people I’ve seen done it was x1 and svt. So you we’re saying?

    2. But BTS is has the biggest fandom in the world…and Baadshah can’t beat those legends!…so what he broke the record… BTS’s next comeback is gonna shake everything #foreverbtsarmy♡

  5. It is true that BTS used ads to PROMOTE their mvs, but they only used those for revenue and advertising. Not to get fake views. That is what Badshah did. And even then, Bighit did the same thing for txt. So What?

    1. Your comment leaves me very disappointed. A lot of armys are indians too soo regardless of whether or not they are army the first thing to would be to support your countryfolk. So if they fell that and if even the guys fans felt that the view counts were incorrect then there must have been a problem. And army is not kiasu, we are Adorable Representative M.C. for the Youth!

  6. Just fighting Army’s. If Badshah beat BTS then let it be at least BTS never cheat. If you are a true star you don’t need to cheat. For now, I didn’t see this person as a problem because I know BTS is higher than the sky sparkling like a diamond in all over the universe. BTS, fighting. Just do everything you want boys and let those haters hate you because you don’t have for their sentiments.

  7. OK so this is in many ways flawed in my opinion
    1. I what if the ad is un-skipable if that’s a word. The user has no choice but to watch or exit the video
    2. I myself is an ARMY but I don’t think we should be all butt hurt over this situation. Of course bts’ record would be wanted by anyone.
    3. Still none of them have more views than subscribers of PewDiePie XD

  8. Baadshah didn’t break BTS record according to google they didn’t count paid as views and I am also indian becz of one person(Baadshah) I never say that it’s my country fault. I LOVE BTS they r my life my, whole world and many more important things of my life which I can’t explain. But don’t say that it’s my country’s fault. BTS r best, and ARMY r always there to protect them

  9. I don’t believe in paid ad views instead of views which BTS gained from their hardworking, love, and support from ARMY it’s very simple, show haters love then see how they also give u love ❤becz people always talk about the person who is at top, it depends on people that the talk is negative or positive

  10. I would say india has one of these biggest populations worldwide, which makes it ‘kinda easier’ for an inidan idol to rise and gain views, but I would say, his fans aren’t fans from all over the world. BTS has made a great milestone and I think they’ll continue breaking records, but mostly because of their great fandom. I’ve never seen a bigger community, that supports one group, artist or in general idol. BTS is having vacation now, but I’m quite sure that as soon as they return and release a new song or album, they’ll take the record backe home. I mean, their fandom grew even though BTS wasn’t present, which is quite a good deal, I guess. I’ve noticed, that YT deleted quite some views on BTS videos, like more than a million on Idol. I’m kinda questioning this, because Armys even spend their free time to stream the newest mv, so i don’t really think that neither BTS nor ARMY used any paid ads or something like that.

  11. U are right …….. I am really disappointed with the comment I can’t believe ……we are ARMY why are we saying wrong about other idol/singers ……so this is same as heaters are doing to BTS ……Army please control ur self and don’t comment or don’t talk bad towards India…….we also respect our singers and I also love to listen to BTS songs….

  12. Armys are waaaaay too obsessed with records. It’s pretty disgusting tbh. BTS will never be the best music group no matter how many views they have, because music isn’t about views and records. Someday, another artist will beat BTS and this guy. That’s just life. Your favs will not be number one forever.

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