YouTube has announced changes to the method they use to calculate views in the first 24 hours upon release.

A couple of months ago, Indian artist Badshah reportedly broke BTS’s YouTube record, the record of having the most views in the first 24 hours. His MV for ‘Paagal’ recorded 75 million views, BTS MV ‘Boy with Luv’ recorded 74.6 million views.

Despite the huge milestone, fans and spectators alike brought into question whether those views were legitimate. YouTube actions also raised suspicion because unlike how they usually celebrated previous record breakers, this time they stayed silent.

Many had seen ‘Paagal’ MV in various places on YouTube; the artist company was using paid ads. This led to the MV gaining millions of views through paid ads.

To explain it better, anyone can pay to TrueView, they can have their content auto-play before a video. If that user interacts with the ad or watches it for a certain number of seconds, then it counts as a legitimate ‘view’ on the original YouTube video source.

Badshah personally admitted to using paid promotion tools to achieve that YouTube record and argued,

“What some people call fake views are not fake views… they are google ad words.

You think artists abroad don’t get paid promotions? Are you so naive? I don’t want to be the one with the highest views, but someone has to be. I tried and I did it. Get over it.”

Google adwords is an outdated term, it’s now called TrueView.

Due to the controversy, YouTube has decided to update its policies. In a new blog post titled “Maintaining credibility and consistency on YouTube: Revisions to YouTube Music Charts and 24-hour record debut policy” YouTube explains how the views in the first 24 hours will be calculated from now on.

Here are the most important snippets of their post,

“In an effort to provide more transparency to the industry and align with the policies of official charting companies such as Billboard and Nielsen, we are no longer counting paid advertising views on YouTube in the YouTube Music Charts calculation. Artists will now be ranked based on view counts from organic plays.

Over the last few years, fans, artists, and their teams have touted the number of views a video receives on YouTube within the first 24 hours as the definitive representation of its instant cultural impact. It’s a great honor and one we take very seriously. As we look to maintain consistency and credibility across our platform, we’ve made some necessary revisions to our methodology for reporting 24-hour record debuts.”

They also added,

“Videos eligible for YouTube’s 24-hour record debuts are those with the highest views from organic sources within the first 24 hours of the video’s public release. This includes direct links to the video, search results, external sites that embed the video and YouTube features like the homepage, watch next and Trending.”

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What do you think of this change?