NU’EST Baekho opened up about his life after his father’s sudden tragic passing!

On September 13 episode of Mnet’s show “The Call 2,” NU’EST Baekho along with his cast members prepared for their final performance.

They discussed their families. Yoon Min Soo and Cheetah both revealed that their fathers had passed away when they were young; they talked about how much they miss them. Baekho also opened up, he said,

“My father passed way not too long ago, I am left feeling terribly missing him rather. I miss my father and love my mother. But I have a hard time telling my family things like ‘be healthy.’”

In an individual interview, he also confessed,

“I started noticing my mother is leaning on me more lately. It feels a bit strange. Rather than feeling like I am singing alone. I’ll perform while thinking of it like I am saying what I haven’t been able to say.”

NU’EST Baekho’s father tragically and suddenly passed away back in 2017, news outlets didn’t specify the details aside from the fact that it was tragic and sudden. Baekho had to fly to Jeju Island (his hometown) for the funeral. He had written a letter to his fan café after the passing of his father, he thanked them for all the support.

After the cast opened up about their pasts, they sang a song titled ‘Be Healthy And Don’t Be Sick,’ you can check out the interview and the performance below: