A Reporter Dares Compare Park Bom To A Sex Doll, Fans Fight Back

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Park Bom fans were extremely furious and frustrated with this reporter headline!

Recently, Park Bom has been gaining lots of new fans and support in South Korea after appearing on Mnet’s “Queendom.” One particular Korean article had published a photo of Park Bom at a recent event, the headline infuriated fans and nonfans for being nothing short of disrespectful, a headline that objectifies idol women and treats them like objects.

The headline of the article compares Park Bom to a ‘real’ doll. To international fans, that might not seem anything out of the usual, however, the Korean term is used for sex dolls.

The article has since been deleted after massive backlash from the international and national community. In response to that reporter headline, Korean fans trended #리얼돌수입허용판결규탄시위 (We Condemn Importing Sex Dolls) and #RAPEDOLL_OUT_강간인형_전면금지 (#RAPEDOLL_OUT_RAPEDOLL_Total Ban).

https://www.jazminemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Park-Bom.jpg https://www.jazminemedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Park-Bom.jpg

When international fans were made aware of the situation, they joined in and did their best to trend the hashtags and to express their love and support for Park Bom who must’ve been both surprised and upset to see such a headline.

Many fans also detailed steps others could take to report this article to Park Bom’s agency, D Nation.

Check out some of fans tweets below:

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    1. and for argument sake, what if you had a long beard and wore certain religious wear would it be okay for someone to call you a terrorist? It doesn’t matter what she looks like, she’s not a sex doll nor ever claimed to be. You’re an idiot if you don’t get what’s wrong.

      Bottom line: You don’t get to label someone else what they haven’t claimed themselves.

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