YG Entertainment Trainees From Produce X101 And Treasure Box Reportedly Looking For Other Agencies


It seems that not only singers and actors are leaving YG Entertainment, but trainees are doing the same thing as well!

On August 26, it was reported that YG Entertainment trainees (including those who appeared on ‘Treasure Box’ and ‘Produce X 101’) have either moved agencies or looking for new agencies.

News outlet EDaily broke the scope and reported that according to industry sources, YG trainees are currently discussing with other agencies about the possibility of transferring from YG.

Its been reported that some of them were among the trainees who appeared on YG’s survival show “Treasure Box” as well as Mnet’s “Produce X 101.


A source states that there are trainees who already left YG and signed with other agencies while there are others who are in the final stages of agreements of new contracts.

While EDaily reports that usually trainees sign one year based contract (it does differ from one agency to the other), many attribute the large amount of trainees leaving due to YG’s current situation.

Another source explains that TREASURE 13 delayed debut created a sense of loss for the trainees who have to wait longer for other opportunities. There have been actors, singers and comedians who left YG since the controversies began, it was also previously reported that actors were also looking to move agencies after YG scandals grew bigger.

After the news trended, YG was contacted for their statement, they brushed it off and told MYDaily,

“All employees are working as usual. Plans are going as scheduled without a hitch.”

YG Entertainment has previously stated that TREASURE 13 debut was delayed after Yang Hyun Suk resigned. When asked to comment on TREASURE 13 debut plans, YG didn’t comment on the matter.

YG Entertainment artists haven’t had many comebacks since the controversy escalated.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

its pretty expected, they should run for the hills while they still can.

There could be many reasons these trainees leave, it could be that YG didn’t want to re-sign them; it could be that some had health issues; it could be that the trainees got tired and wanted to leave, it could also be that parents interfered and wanted them out.

If I were a parent, I would immediately take out my child from this environment where they test their artists for drugs ‘monthly.’

I haven’t seen any YG artist enjoy their popularity without a hitch. The only ones who relatively flourished were BIGBANG but they’re in so many controversies now. No other artist was treated well in YG in my opinion, is it really worth it to enjoy a year or two of popularity before you either get pushed away or controversies haunt you? Not really!

There were reports that TREASURE 13 members were leaving but if you think about it, it’s pretty unreasonable to assume that. TREASURE 13 were originally supposed to debut in July.

This means that the members have probably already signed a 7-year-contract which means the only way to escape it would be through a costly trial that they’ll likely lose because they don’t have ground for terminating their contracts; YG hasn’t even done anything yet with them. How can they possibly leave if it weren’t for a valid reason?

I just feel sorry for everyone who is associated with YG right now. Even if YG manages to somehow recover, the controversies and netizens perception of their artists won’t change. Netizens have already made their judgment.

If you’re an artist looking for a stable controversy-free career, I don’t think YG is the place you’d be looking for.

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  1. How About blackpink,ikon,bigbang etc. Can bighit just adopt them sometimes i wanna know if bang pd nim has account in fb or twitter or even in ig just to say that yg artists needs help can bighit adopt blackpink like how they did at gfriend pls? How? Save them all


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