Why These Two Idols Had To Apologize When An Illegally Leaked Photo Showed Them Kissing

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Song Yu Vin and Kim So Hee were caught in a dating scandal and fans aren’t happy to learn about how people found out!

In the early hours of August 24, a photo of singers Song Yu Vin and Kim So Hee kissing suddenly spread through social media, the former labelmates were then linked to each other and fans began to speculate that they’re dating.

The two used to be in the same agency, Kim So Hee left back in July when he contracted expired while Song Yu Vin is still signed with Music Works and has only debuted with his fellow groupmate Kim Kook Heon today, he used to promote with MYTEEN.

It’s been reported that a sasaeng was the one who actually leaked the private photo, but again, it’ll be difficult to confirm that.

Fans were furious that such a private photo was just leaked illegally by a malicious person who means harm for both idols; the photo was leaked on the day Song Yu Vin and Kim Kook Heon debuted as a duo. Many were wondering how the person who leaked it was able to get their hands on it in the first place.

The photo became such a hot issue because of the circumstances surrounding it and because of that the agency addressed it and confirmed the two idols indeed dated a year ago, “briefly.”

The agency states that they have checked with them, the couple has already broken up a while ago. The agency also warned that they’d be taking strict legal action against anyone who invades their artists’ privacy or defames their character without any leniency.

Song Yu Vin had previously appeared in Kim So Hee’s title track MV back in 2017.

Followed by the agency’s response was Kim So Hee’s own response, she apologized to her fans in an instagram post, she revealed that they relied on each other and dated in the past, but due to ‘busy schedules and many difficult situations,’ the two decided to go back to being close co-workers.

Kim So Hee also expressed her surprise with how the photo was leaked to begin with,

“I am so embarrassed by the picture that spread through unknown channels. I’m so sorry that I’ve caused so many fans to worry about this. From now on, I’ll work harder to show you the best of myself.”


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Song Yu Vin also took to instagram to address the illegally leaked photo, similarly to Kim So Hee, he explained that he became closer to her during a time when he was struggling to achieve his dreams of becoming a singer, the two comforted and relied on each other but eventually due to many circumstances returned to being co-workers.

He also explains that the photo was leaked illegally, he says,

“I don’t blame or hate whoever leaked the photo for whatever reason.

I’m so sorry to the fans who must’ve been disappointed by the photo and to the people around me who cared for me. I am truly sorry.”


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He also apologized to Kim So Hee and Kim Kook Heon whom he debuted as a duo with today.

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