Why K-Netizens Made Fun Of Dispatch’s Weird Concept Photos Of NCT 127


A couple of days ago Dispatch released photos of NCT 127. Usually, their photos are well shot and well-edited, but not this one.

The photos have a weird concept and look kinda creepy, the photos were also shot in black and white, the members’ faces were not edited with photoshop and their faces were touched by other hands. Many fans pointed out just how weird the photos are.

Some of the photos, there is a ‘third hand’ that is weirdly touching the members’ faces.

Check out the photos:


K-netizens made fun of Dispatch’s photos; here are some of their comments,

“well, this is kinda shocking.”

“only the 1st one survived the photoshoot.”

“Just why..”

“It’s a little shocking this is how they actually looked.”

What do you think of the photos?


  1. I actually don’t mind these concept photos. In fact, i love them. I love seeing the rawness and simplicity in these photos. I guess it is different from the usual editing and perfecting we’d see, but I like these too. You can’t please everyone especially these netizens who always seem to have something to say. To each their own

  2. Dispatch, well done. I really think they look beautiful no matter what. They’ve showed us that NCT127 aren’t afraid to show off their flaws. These photos show that everyone in the world is equal and nobody is perfect or above one another. It also shows that NCT127 aren’t ashamed of themselves and that they love how they look ¡¡without Photoshop!!. Maybe that’s trying to say..”We should all appreciate ourselves for who we are and love ourselves”..? Anyways…I just love the concept❤

  3. they looks beautiful no matter what. i actually really appreciate the simplicity of these photos. no tons of editing and not flamboyant colors or sets. i really like the “third hand” thing also. it adds a twist to the photos.

  4. I think it’s disrespectful for people to claim such authenticity should be hidden. In a world where we are constantly covering up, hiding, and slowly despising ourselves it is because we are being portrayed a fake reality of beauty and skin. As an Nctzen I’m extremely grateful for nct 127 to do this recent photoshoot with D-icon. i was really upset the other day about how my skin isn’t smooth and clear as certain idols and the fact that some of my favorite artist have skin that is normal makes me love mine even more. It puts everything into perspective and reminds me that we are humans wanting to belong and feel loved, and if NCT 127 can bring us back to a place of authenticity through a photoshoot such as this then by all means lets produce more work like this.


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