Jung Hae In is considered one of the kindest Korean actors. Many fellow actors and TV personalities talk about how kind and thoughtful he is and this gesture towards his longtime manager is making headlines everywhere proving once again just how kind he is.

Reports emerged that Jung Hae In bought a car to his longtime manager, while buying a car is already a big deal, the reports specified that it was an imported car which is considered way more expensive in South Korea than Korean cars.

FNC Entertainment, Jung Hae In agency, stepped up to confirm the reports and revealed that he did indeed gifted his manager a foreign car. It was also revealed that he’s been with his manager for 5 years. They started working together in 2014 when he debuted in “Bride of the Century.”

The manager has been with the actor through thick and thin. Fans are happy to hear about how well he treats his manager. Managers in South Korea also have long working hours and are usually underpaid.

What do you think of this gesture?



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