Why Big Hit Apologized To Fans When Revealing Their Plans To Sue Hateful Comments Made Against BTS


Big Hit Entertainment is always on the lookout for hateful malicious comments made by netizens.

On August 26, they announced through an official statement their plans to take strict legal action against netizens who defame or write malicious comments about BTS.

Through their official statement they explained that they regularly take legal action against slander, spread of false rumors, defamation and personal attacks made against BTS. They add that they’re currently taking legal action against posts they collected through the first half of 2019.

They have completed filing an official complaint to the Namdaemun Police Station against netizens who continuously attacked BTS on online communities, portal sites and social media. As many ARMY already know, Big Hit has an email where fans can submit tips, Big Hit explains they have monitoring those tips and submitted some of them to police who are currently investigation the suspects based on the data.

Big Hit apologized for the late notice release since Korean ARMY have been wondering why they’re not taking legal action against some malicious comments made against BTS in 2019, they explain they had to secure the identities of the suspects while also keeping them confidential. Big Hit assures fans they will continue to take strict legal action and show no mercy or negotiations as long as such actions persist.

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7 thoughts on “Why Big Hit Apologized To Fans When Revealing Their Plans To Sue Hateful Comments Made Against BTS”

  1. Jo Se Ho should never be allowed to be even close to any member of BTS! Treating JungKook the way he did after offering some good food! JungKook has a gentle spirit Shame on you Jo Se Ho I am a grandmother & old enough to be all of those young men’s Grand Mother. My suggestion is YOU BE BANNED FROM EVEN BEING ALLOWED TO SEE BTS. Jo Se Ho apparently has a rotten evil heart. I wouldn’t let you near any member of BTS YOUR APOLOGY IS WEAK & NOT SINCERE AND NOT ACCEPTED.

  2. Bighit… you don’t have to apologize. We A.R.M.ies understand. We love bts and your company so no need to say sorry! We understand that you guys take time and action to protect our favorite idols in all situations.

  3. No need to be sorry! It takes a lot of work to do what they all do! I hope they can make it through and keep protecting they’re idols. People’s words leave scares deeply cut and no one else sees them, only the ones targeted know of them.

    • BigHit there’s no need to apologize to us Army…
      We understand what has to take place and that it takes time. We love BTS and we love all of you at BigHit. Thank you for protecting BTS and all staff at BigHit.


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